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Packing is one of the toughest tasks of a move, especially when you have too much stuff to move. But it doesn’t have to be disastrous when you pack your stuff efficiently. Whether you have a tight budget, timeline, or too much stuff, here are some tips on packing like the professionals when moving.

Allow yourself enough time to pack.

Every mover will tell you for free that allowing yourself enough time to pack before a move is the best way to handle the stress that comes with it. Start the packing process as soon as you learn of the move to ensure you have enough time to pack your belongings safely.

Get the right boxes

Using the right boxes when packing for a move is very important. Gather moving materials and supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, and specialty containers where you can keep fragile items. You can use old boxes or ask your friends for some boxes to save more money.

Pack room by room

The best way to make the task easier is to pack room by room. That will help you avoid mixing items from different rooms, simplifying the unpacking process. It also makes your packing faster too.

Do not pack burdensome items in large boxes.

Many professional movers complain about homeowners packing heavy items in large boxes, making them challenging to lift. That is a mistake you want to avoid because it also increases the susceptibility to breakage. You should pack light items like linens, pillows, and clothes in the bigger boxes and the small heavy items such as books in the smaller boxes.

Use a smart labeling plan.

You must carefully label your boxes to make things easier for the movers. Use a visible marker pen and indicate what is in the box and the room it will go into. There is a good chance you have more than one bedroom, so keep your labels specific. If a box has fragile items, indicate that on all the sides to ensure the movers handle it safely.

Pack an essential items box

There is a high chance you will be too tired to unpack when you get to your new place. Even if your moving company will facilitate the unpacking process, ensure you have an essential items box. It should include toiletries and other vital items to help you survive as you organize your house.

Pack heavier items on the bottom 

When packing the boxes, place the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter ones at the bottom. If you are loading the moving boxes yourself on the truck, load the heavier ones in the front of the truck for balance.

Carefully pack your electronics.

Keep the cords and wires organized when packing your electronics to make things easier when setting them up in your new home. Ensure they are cool enough before packing them to limit static electricity and internal damage. Ideally, you should unplug them 24hours before packing or moving them.

The takeaway

Declutter your house to simplify your packing process. Sort your belongings room by room and get rid of everything you don’t need in your new place.

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