Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
AI engineers

Half of the human activity is replaced by computer programs in tech giants like Amazon. They are not only responsible for monitoring the action of the workers but they also have the authority to choose whom to employ.

Isn’t it amazing to see how machine learning works? Machine learning, the most widely used technique of AI in present times.  These programs can be technically operational based on the data that is feed to them.

Siri, Alexa, personalized shopping experience, smart cars and drones, self-driving cars – these are all examples of how AI has grown with each passing year.

Opportunities and applications in AI are bound to increase in the foreseeable future.

But wait, what is AI?

A simple answer to this question, AI is a process that allows you to make intelligent machines and intelligent programs. It is as simple as teaching the computer to read and understand human intelligence. This again simply defines that a machine is capable of learning, processing, reasoning, and self-correct to function in the manner a human performs.

AI can be classified into two categories such as the weak AI and the strong AI.

  • Weak AI – Alexa and Siri can be called weak AIs because they’re only designed to perform a certain function. They are called virtual assistants.
  • Strong AI – strong AI is considered much more complex than the weak AIs. The function of these AI tends to have generalized human cognitive abilities capable of resolving any kind of task without any human assistance. For instance, if a machine can hear the words “good morning” and then it instantly turns on the coffee machine. The ability to make computer programs work in this manner can be defined as strong AI.

What are the major functions of employees in the AI industry?

Their job is to do some deep digging and research involving multiple projects in machine learning and AI. You may also find AI engineers whose sole responsibility is to perform statistical analysis, find tune test results, train and then retrain the AI systems, consecutively work on frameworks, undertake machine learning experiments and run tests and experiments, etc.

Besides these experts, you may also come across medical health professionals whose job is to closely work in developing prosthetic limbs or vision restoration devices.

The AI industry is pretty much advanced comprising of tech professionals (research scientists, mechanical engineers, aviation electricians, and software engineers) from varied fields.

Why take up an AI career?

Speculations have been made stating AI would take away millions of jobs.

Yet, according to research prediction also says that AI will create jobs more than it destroys by the end of 2022. Despite losing 75 million jobs to automation, an estimation of 133 million new ones are seen to emerge, Sources: The World Economic Forum.

Almost every organization out there is seeking to hire top quality AI engineers and ML engineers.

Besides academic institution, they’re stretching out their search span by even hiring those with AI certification.

Looking at these statistics it is evident that the advancements in AI will accelerate as the civilization move toward the future.

  • About 54 percent of the employees based in tech giants will require upskilling to match the competency level according to the industry’s standards.
  • It was also studied that automation will be taking over 71 percent of the tasks that are currently carried by human workers.

By 2023, the AI as a service market is predicted to rise to USD 10.88 billion opening huge job opportunities for professionals to join the AI bandwagon.

Thus, if you’re looking to become an AI engineer or an ML engineer, this may be the perfect time to switch jobs or change careers. Learn Artificial Intelligence course online at your convenience.

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