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Exotique Men, a well-known troupe of NYC male strippers, is staging a return after the pandemic is over. Several male revue shows had to close as a consequence of the city’s shutdowns. As a consequence, there is a scarcity of entertainment for bachelorette parties and wedding parties in New York City. The city continues to struggle to recover from the pandemic with plans to fully reopen in the summer of 2021.

Governor Cuomo has started reopening restaurants and bars with limited capacity because vaccinations are still being distributed. The Broadway theaters, on the other side, are among the last to reopen. Several shows and venues have remained closed while operators seek clarification and orders from state authorities.

Exotique Men, a well-known male revue show in New York City, was one of those forced to shutter. “It’s been a misfortune for us,” said a spokesperson. “Once we receive permission from government officials, we will do everything necessary to restore normalcy.”

Exotique Men intends to reopen its doors and resume presenting its famous NYC male strip show and male revue until the pandemic is over and things have returned to usual. According to management, there has been a rise in demand for male revue entertainment, but owing to the coronavirus shutdowns, there is nothing that can be done. “We’ll have to wait and see,” said management, who said that they’re holding an eye on the reopenings in New York City. “We want to be sure everybody is safe, but we also want everything to return to usual as soon as possible.”

Exotique Men continues to entertain its clients with immersive lap dances and virtual bachelorette parties through its website. Although it is unclear when things will return to normal, the organization is optimistic that after the pandemic is finished, demand will increase. “Covid has pressured people to postpone their bachelorette parties and marriages,” a business spokesperson said. “Once it is settled, we have faith in them to carry out their dreams, and we expect to see a number of bachelorette parties and weddings.” Even if the pandemic is almost over, several company owners are already struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

Male Strip Shows Planning to Return to NYC Post-Covid

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