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Etoro Portfolio

Mr Mario Gould from Middlesbrough used his small but profitable Etoro Investment portfolio to gain an interview with a top private investment hedge fund. They were so impressed with his investments that they hired him. He now works in the city of London trading with a million-pound account. He makes more money in a week than he used to make in a year in his old life in Middlesbrough in the Northeast of England.

In 2009, the city of London accounted for 2.4% of the UK GDP. London is the world’s greatest foreign exchange market, with much of the trade conducted in the city of London. London’s foreign exchange market has been described by Reuters as ‘the crown jewel of London’s financial sector.

Mario said, ‘’It’s very different now that I’m an institutional trader to when I was just investing on my iPhone but the principles are the same’’

‘’Once you can trade you have that skill for life and it doesn’t matter how much money you are trading’’

eToro is a highly regarded brokerage that has revolutionized how retail clients trade the financial markets. It allows anyone with a phone to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, currencies, indices and commodities or copy leading investors on eToro’s disruptive trading platform.

Mario Gould didn’t get into crypto currencies straight away but when Bitcoin reached $20,000 he realised it was something special. When it dipped down to $4,000 that is when he started getting in. Bitcoin is now around $37,000 and Mario Predicts Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in the next year, and will rise further in the long term.

Mario predicts that Bitcoin will become the global world reserve currency and points out that as Bitcoin displaces gold and the US dollar, the value of the leading cryptocurrency will rise meteorically.

Mario Said ‘’ I don’t just deal with crypto, it is essential to have a diverse portfolio and I like to swing trade the major currencies buying the dips and selling peaks’’

Mario says he not motivated by money but the money is needed to live the life he desires, he plans on taking early retirement and has already put a deposit down for a villa in the south of France.

We asked Mario If he had any investment tips, he said, ‘’be patient, wait for charts to tell you what they are going to do and most importantly always take your stop loss’’

Although Mario is now an intuitional trader he says he still uses Etoro from time to time and recommends it for its ease of use and reliability.

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