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We all know how important it is to manage your brand’s reputation online, on social media but also on the web in general as Gigi Catalin Neculai explained. Indeed, with over 3 million active users worldwide, a well-thought-out brand reputation management plan won’t hurt.

Here are some actions by Gigi Catalin Neculai, you can take today to start managing your online reputation.

1. What are you looking for 

The first step to managing your online reputation is to see where you stand. The easiest way is to search yourself on Google. Enter your business name and products to see what information Google will find. Note that this is also the information your customers get when they search for you. Ideally, you will get in the first results a link to your website, then your social media and finally articles written about you or sites related to you. If you get third-party content, in other words content you don’t own or control, before your own content, stop whatever you’re doing right now and focus on developing a strategy. Strong SEO.


2. Claim your profiles

The second step is to claim your profiles. Whether or not you plan to actively use the social media space, you need to claim and own your profiles. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter give you a single platform to share your messages.

Beyond the usual social media, you should also not forget to claim other profiles such as business listings (Google Business Address, Yelp) or listings on a specific sector such as TripAdvisor.

3. Unite your community

Join sites and groups in your field to connect with your community. This will benefit you both online and offline. As you know, the internet is organized around a series of connections, the ‘worldwide web‘, with sites linked to each other. The more sites as per Gigi Catalin Neculai with a similar subject related to yours, the more search engines will recognize that your site, and therefore your company, is related to this subject.


4. Listen to what is being said around you by Gigi Catalin Neculai

Understand that your business is part of an ecosystem. You have partners, suppliers, competitors, and customers who all operate in the same ecosystem as you. It is essential to stay up to date and understand your environment; particularly to manage your own brand. Being able to spot a trend or react quickly to industry moves will give you the edge over your competition and keep your brand reputation in check at all times.

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5. Listen to what is being said about you

Stay up to date on what is being said about you. Nothing kills a reputation more than being the last person to know what it is. Luckily for you, there are plenty of solutions to keep this one in check.

According to Gigi Catalin Neculai, if you’re looking for real-time alerts to know when your brand or product is mentioned in the press, try Auxipress’ services. We offer you instant information about the chosen keywords, whether it’s your brand, your company, your products, your competition or even the sector in general. Contact Gigi Catalin Neculai now for more information.

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