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With increasing urbanization, the living standards are also evolving and so are the facilities being provided by technological industries. The introduction of HVAC systems is one such facility. HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems have changed the way we use to live throughout the year and has touched almost every aspect of our lives. If HVAC systems didn’t exist, clinics and hospitals would have depended on pernicious chemicals to maintain a clean environment, transporting perishable and fresh food would have been a challenging task, businesses would have suffered losses because of low employee productivity, living in extreme weather conditions would have become unbearable, and in agricultural application, growers would have suffered huge losses due to poor indoor growing condition. But the invention of smart HVAC systems has provided us with a solution to all of these problems.

An HVAC system has now become an integral component of a buildings infrastructure because of its benefits. A well-designed HVAC system helps to conserve energy, improves air quality and air flow, provides thermal comfort, maintains consistent cooling and heating, and offers smart controls.

Nowadays, HVAC systems are mostly installed in apartments, warehouses, condos, homes, universities, schools, offices, factories, hotels, manufacturing plants, hospitals, grow rooms, greenhouses and kinds of indoor farming. The demand for HVAC systems has increased over the past two years because of COVID-19 and in order to counter the contagious virus, homeowners and organizations are installing the HVAC system to filter the air of harmful particles. Therefore, we can say that HVAC systems have now become a necessary investment.

Altaqua, an HVAC system and refrigeration machinery manufacturing company, is on the forefront during these testing times and is providing its customers with top quality equipment. Altaqua is a Chinese HVAC system manufacturing company, which is headquartered at Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Even though the company was founded just a few years back by Huachun Ke, it has managed to grow at a massive rate. The company is known for manufacturing machineries such as grow room HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, heat pump products and chillers. Altaqua products are labeled ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory)certified after passing a series of strict tests from Intertek. This ETL certification is a proof that the company operates in accordance with the North American Safety standards. Altaqua uses the globally recognized and acceptable Quality Management System, ISO9001:2015. The company is also listed in the Guangdong Equity Exchange list since 2016 and has the stock symbol of 220110.

The company, since its establishment, has obtained 50 utility models and 12 invention patents. An air volume distributor (2018109425471), a portable water purification device (2018107003297), an exhaust heat recovery electrical system (2018109487919), heat pump IoT system based on PLC control (2018109432916), a refrigerant self-balancing device for a multi-condenser refrigeration system (2016109511603), a modular swimming pool heat pump control system (2018109426084), an energy-saving swimming pool heat pump system (2018109405976), a multi-dehumidification equipment cooperative control system (2018109414602), shock-absorbing structure of a heat pump system (2018109406131), and an integrated structural refrigerator (2016107933140) are the patents of the utility models owned by Altaqua.

Since its inception, Altaqua is looking for different ways to innovate its technology and in order to achieve this goal, its complete focus is on research and development of its products.HVAC manufacturers like Altaqua are working round the clock to upgrade and update their advance HVAC systems due to the increasing demand of the customers. Through their high-quality products, Altaqua is providing us with a clean and ideal indoor environment.

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