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Next January 18 it will debut on the chain Televisa the creation Do you recollect me, a normal drama that will highlight Gabriel Soto and Fatima Molina as fundamental entertainers.

Notwithstanding the way that the telenovela will have heavenly heroes, this week one more of the cast’s names grabbed the eye of people in general: María Penella. What’s more, is that the mediator is the granddaughter of the remarkable Mexican craftsman Roberto Gómez Bolaños, known as “Chespirito”.

In the series, Penella will play Marina, “a regarded winemaker” She has never needed for anything, and is frantically enamored with her significant other, Pedro Cáceres (played by Gabriel Soto), so she will battle so he doesn’t forsake her for Vera (Fátima Molina), who is her genuine romance.

“It is a clever loaded with interest, love, enthusiasm, that goes extremely quick, in every section something new occurs”, said the additionally hero of Single with girls, in a meeting with the program Today.

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Consequently, Chespirito’s granddaughter will play a miscreant job, and will do all that could be within reach to obliterate the relationship of the two sweethearts and save their marriage.

In “Do you recollect me”, the entertainer will play Mariana, Pedro

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Roberto Gómez Bolaños He was one of the most famous entertainers in the amusement world in Mexico. His translation of characters like the darling “Chavo del Ocho” or “El Chapulín Colorado”, procured him global popularity and the profound respect of general society.

In his 23-year long union with his most memorable spouse, Graciela Fernández Pierre, He had six youngsters: Teresa, Graciela, Cecilia, Paulina, Marcela and Roberto. The TV maker’s consistent voyages, and his numerous work responsibilities, drove him to separate from his significant other. Furthermore, some time later, uncovered his sentiment with Florinda Meza, entertainer known for playing “La Popis” and “Doña Florinda”. Notwithstanding, in his second marriage he had no relatives.

María Penella Gómez is the girl of Marcela, and one of the twelve granddaughters of “Chespirito”. She acquired her granddad’s melodic and acting gifts, as well as his enthusiasm for the stage and amusement.

“It is a distinction to be your granddaughter, I need to regard that memory without a doubt, first as a granddad, and second as a symbol and symbol of Mexican culture, TV, theater, film, and then again, to involve that star as a gift to construct my own way. He is my star since he is consistently there, and like all our friends and family who are no longer there when we want to converse with them, they talk and that is all there is to it, “he said on one event in a meeting with the paper Meter.

María Penella started her profession in 2009, at 13 years old. In the picture, in one of the photos of “El Hotel de los Secretos” (Photo: Instagram @mariapenella) The craftsman has stood apart for her investment in notable venue capacities (Photo: Instagram @mariapenella)
The craftsman started her creative profession in 2009, when she was just thirteen years of age, in the theater work Ana Frank’s journal. From that point forward, he has taken an interest in various works, for example, Little Orphan Annie, Little voice or Man of La Mancha, where he gave life to Don Quixote’s granddaughter and Dulcinea.

Furthermore, he additionally took part in the TV series “El lodging de los secretas”, in 2016, a Mexican telenovela created by his uncle, Roberto Gómez Fernández, for the organization Televisa in 2016.

“Te acuerdas de me” will debut on Monday, January 18 on El Canal de las Estrellas, at 9:30 p.m., and will likewise include stars like Guillermo García Cantú, Rebecca Jones, and astounding presentations, for example, Nina Rubin’s, girl of the renowned host Andrea Legarreta.

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