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For some, creativity and innovation is as unnatural and difficult as trying to breath underwater. For others, it comes easily. But among those who find it natural, only a handful are born innovators. Mark Julian is one such born innovator, who stands above the rest. Wisdom and business savvy are woven into the fabric of his DNA, with success following him wherever he goes.


Julian, who also goes by MJ, got his nickname “Idea Guy” during his service in the Army. He recognized improvements that could be made in the way things operated, and took the initiative. But the nickname reflects all of his previous years experience learning to seize opportunities; being known for his keen mind and ambition wasn’t something that only started in the Army.


As a young boy, growing up with a working father, a stay at home mom, and five other siblings, you had to act fast and think faster to get by. Buying his first car at only 14, MJ revealed his entrepreneurial tendencies by acquiring new income. First as a gas station attendant, and then working with others his own age to clean cars throughout town, MJ was always looking for ways to advance, things to be improved, and people he could help.


This early experience left him with a mind naturally looking for opportunities; after leaving the Army, MJ opened his own restaurant. After getting an associates and then eventually graduating from Notre Dame, he continued to expand his career and wisdom. Now with an astonishing breadth of experience, having bought or sold over 25 individual companies and creating 60 separate products, MJ is continuing his legacy as the “Idea Guy” and bringing innovation to the health and medical fields.


Bringing his creative mind and keen judgements, MJ recognized a distinct lack of growth or expansion in this industry. Intervening, he has provided innovative, consumer oriented products into an otherwise stagnant marketplace.


With his focus on creating cutting edge products to help people live and experience healthier lives, MJ has set himself up as a cornerstone in the medical marketplace. By supplying a wide range of products to solve numerous problems, he has continued to do what he was born to do; helping improve lives, foster healthy innovation, and expand businesses profits and growth.


But apart from these endeavors, MJ has also decided to prove false the saying “if you can’t do, teach”. After finding success in a wide variety of business ventures, he has also set his sights on bringing up leaders and entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. At, you can find access to MJ’s training, coaching, and wisdom in what he calls the Business Baller University. With a focus on sharing his experience and teaching others from his mistakes and his successes, MJ aims to guide others into a successful business future. He even has two books out, teaching and laying out everything he knows about finding success in business. They can be found on Amazon here and here. But for those who want to truly sit at the feet of the master, he is also selling his expertise by making himself available to personally evaluate new products, prototypes, and businesses, providing feedback, coaching, and maybe even a business deal.


Born with a destiny to become the “Idea Guy” MJ is continuing to leave his mark on the world, with now end in sight. And with Business Baller University, offering his learned lessons and experience and even the chance to work personally with him, his legacy will stretch far into the future.

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