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Modern economic history is  proof that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the radical technologies and state of the art innovations such as the computer, the railroad, electric service, the airplane, the telephone and telegraph, business and marketing tools, air conditioners, the automobile and many other inventions – playing an important role in completely transforming the lives of  people and the outlook of businesses in a drastic way. An entrepreneur performs the role of an inventor, predictor and a manager, who not only bears the uncertainties, risks and losses of a specific business, but is also indirectly responsible for the overall economy of a country. An entrepreneur makes the optimal use of resources such as physical, human and unused natural resources of a country, by bringing them together in an effort to improve the social and economic well-being of the people and the nation. An entrepreneur contributes to a country’s economy by multiplying capital, increasing job opportunities, and by removing regional disparities.

However, in order to become a successful entrepreneur, a person should have strong leadership qualities, a powerful sense of basic integrity and ethics, competitive spirit, long-term focus, creative mind, strong peer network, curiosity, risk tolerance and a passion to succeed. One such entrepreneur who has facilitated businesses and consumers through his digital marketing agency, Climb Online, and has also contributed to the overall marketing industry and economy of the country through his exceptional skills, innovative mind and marketing services. That entrepreneur is Mark Edward Wright.

Mark Wright is a digital marketing specialist, an entrepreneur, columnist, mentor and speaker, who gained immense popularity after winning the BBC Apprentice in 2014. He was born on 31st August, 1989 in Armidale, Australia, and attended the Armidale School. Initially, Wright enrolled in an online personal training course in order to become a personal trainer but later, after taking courses in research and marketing, he decided to pursue a career in marketing. However, his road to the top was not easy as he had to perform low-paid jobs and stayed in hostels after arriving in England in 2012. After gaining experience in the marketing world by selling Google AdWords products door-to-door for a company, Wright came up with a business idea and, decided to use his knowledge and expertise to setup his own digital marketing business. For this sole purpose he took part in BBC’s The Apprentice Series 10 sponsored by Lord Sugar in 2014, which helped him to accumulate £250000 for his business investment after winning the competition. Wright laid the foundation of his digital marketing agency, Climb Online, in collaboration with Lord Sugar, who had a 50 percent share in the business. In a very short span of time, Climb Online became one of the fastest-growing in the industry and managed to generate £1.7 in the very first year of trading. Since its inception, the agency has secured 700 contracts from around the world and the business’s total worth is around £10,000,000. In order to educate people regarding marketing campaigns and digital marketing skills, Wright came up with the Climb Academy Level 1: Introduction to digital marketing course in association with E-Careers Limited in 2016. Wright also initiated a one-day annual business conference named CLIMBCON in the United Kingdom in 2019, which invited various business leaders such as Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan. Wright works in collaboration with companies like Scamp and Kruger Cowne to provide workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs that cover the topics of marketing, business and property to facilitate and educate aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a columnist, Wright has written various articles and voiced his opinions about marketing strategies and techniques on different platforms such as BM Magazine, small businesses and startups. During his illustrious career, Wright has been featured on several newspapers like Belfast Telegraph, The Guardian, The London Post, BBC, Bristol Post, The Irish News, The Sun, The Telegraph, Somerset Live, and Forbes, and was the recipient of many awards such as the Entrepreneur’s Team of the Year at the 2018 at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the UK Business Award in 2018.

The BBC Apprentice competition acted as the stepping stone in Wright’s career and the rest is history. Since then, Wright has become a prominent name in the digital marketing industry because of his unique marketing methods and techniques. It is because of the constant efforts of entrepreneurs like him that the digital marketing industry is growing at a very rapid rate, thus contributing to the overall economy of the country.

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