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Marmaris is one of the most visited places in Turkey. All the tourists love being at this spot to spend their vacation. While Marmaris is having a lot of opportunities for everyone. It is not always bad to visit some extra places. The excitement rises up to another level when the visiting spot is in another country. Why not grab the opportunity to visit some new place, and observe something new?

A Day Trip to Rhodes From Marmaris is such a perfect opportunity for the tourists visiting Marmaris. This blog will inform you all about the excitement that you can have in this tour. But, let’s take a peek at Rhodes.

What is Rhodes?

Rhodes is an island with historical significance. Presently Rhodes is a part of modern Greece. It was the ancient capital of the Dodecanese islets of Ancient Greek civilization. You may also know this Island as “the islands of Knights”.

While most of the ancient spectacles are ruins nowadays. But you will get an excellent idea of the extinct Greek culture and civilization over there. Rhodes is also a very favourite spot for European tourists. Most of the Hotels there are of local origin. However, either way, this will not impact your tour, because it will be a day trip. And you will be back in Marmaris.

The island of Rhodes is around 80 KM long. And you will never be able to cover all the spots in a single day tour. However, our tour guide will take you to the best and most visited spots.

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The exciting day trip:

Since this trip to Rhodes is one of the best selling excursion packages from Marmaris. It is recommended that you should book it at your earlier convenience. Rhodes is situated South West of Marmaris in the Aegean Sea. With just 50 minutes of a Ferry ride, you will reach the desired island.

Turkish travel agencies take away your most pains. So the issues with tour management will not be your concern at all. Just make sure you have all the important identity papers like passport, etc. You can easily apply for a Schengen Visa from here, with which you can travel Rhodes and other Greek territories with ease. However, it is encouraged and better to get one earlier.

Rhodes, like Marmaris, is also a loved spot by tourists all over the world. And to be honest, Rhodes is a much cheaper place than Marmaris, so you will not face any budget issues.

The Island of Rhodes is a standing witness to the changing pattern of human history. It went through rulers of different cultures, civilization and religion. So the architecture and emblems of Rhodes are cosmopolitan. Although you may find the Greek influence as dominant. You will be able to gain insights of all at one grasp.

Of all the landmarks in Rhodes, the famous ones in Rhodes are Saint Paul’s Church, The Freedom Gate, The Temple of Aphrodite, The Grand Master’s Place, etc. There are other places as well, but these are the ones that you might cover in 5-6 hours of the day trip in Rhodes.

Your travel agency will send you the transport to your hotel, with which you will be escorted to the ferry port. Keep it in mind that, the journey will start very early in the morning around 7:30 to 8:00 AM. It will be done so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest and make the best use of time. You will receive the boarding pass from the port. After that go on and board in.

You will get very fast, but comfortable water transport. And it will take around 50 minutes to reach your desired destination- Rhodes. One thing that can be guaranteed is that you will not feel bored in this journey, the clear blue water of the Aegean sea will keep you cheerful during your journey.

Game of Thrones should know about a fact here. The ancient Rhodes had a huge statue like the one that Arya Stark sees in Bravos. This ancient statue was known as Colossus, and it was of the Greek God Helios. This Colossus is regarded as one of the wonders of the Ancient world. And size was similar to present-day “Statue of Liberty”.

There are a lot of photogenic places in Rhodes. So do not forget to bring your camera and take some excellent photos. And in most of the excursion packages, the main meals are included. So you will be getting your breakfast and lunch from your tour agency. But if you want you can go and try some of the local dishes of varied taste. Take some extra Euros with you to do some shopping as well.

After the end of this exciting trip, you will be called back to the port. And following the same water route, you will reach Marmaris. And transport will drop you off to your hotel. In a word, this short trip to Rhodes will be a worthy one. You will be able to observe a great deal of Greek culture and visit another country at the same time.

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