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Maserati – The Sports Car LegendMaserati – The Sports Car Legend

Class, elegance, and sophistication, all these qualities are naturally present in the genes of the Italian. If you are looking for the exact three qualities to be included in your dream car, then what better car brand to look into than an Italian one? Established in 1914 by talented automotive engineer Alfieri Maserati, Maserati automobiles are known to be one of the finest producers of sports cars across the globe. 

And for making every fine car his own, avid sports car enthusiast Carlos Alberto Sielecki had his wallet ready 24/7. Looking at the Maserati cars, anyone who had affordability would surely do the same. So Carlos Sielecki definitely was on the right track in spending his hard-earned money. No complaints. 

He, along with his brother Daniel Sielecki is famous for two things – cars and pharmaceuticals. But the former is what we are going to discuss here, the ever so stunning Carlos Sielecki Argentina car collection. Keep on reading to know which Maserati beauty was owned by this man with unmatched class and premium taste.

Maserati 4CL – A Precious Gem from the Sielecki Collection 

Maserati – The Sports Car Legend
Maserati – The Sports Car Legend

The Maserati 4CL is considered to be one of the finest and most important cars to reside in the Carlos Sielecki Argentina garage. Launched in 1939, this single-seater sports car has the shape of a bullet. Dashing through the racecourse, it legit resembled a bullet shot from a gun. 

Whenever we speak of sports cars, the engine becomes a crucial point to judge its overall performance. The Maserati 4CL is equipped with a heavy-duty Supercharged Inline-4 engine with an output capability of 147.72 bhp per liter. When pushed to perform at its top speed, this marvelous car bolted through the racecourse 235.0 kph / 146.0 mph. Moreover, its 164.1 kW/220.1 bhp @ 8000 rpm power, classy black leather seat, and the sleek black steering of the same shade added unmatched beauty to this legendary collection of Maserati. 

The Maserati 4CL, the proud member of the amazing fleet of cars owned by Carlos Alberto Sielecki, has a stunning body color of sky blue with a pop of yellow. The long bullet-like built, cutesy windshield and circular outside mirrors as the car’s base color and the proportionately placed front and rare wheels make this car excel in terms of not just the looks but also performance and comfort. 

At present, the sky blue and yellow Maserati 4CL with a 4 written on the hood and sides of it, behind the seat, belongs to Mathias Sielecki, the proud and fortunate son of Carlos Sielecki. It does not just reside in the famous garage full of posh cars created by the two Latin American Sielecki brothers. Instead, this Maserati 4CL has been awarded twice by the Pebble Beach Contest of Elegance USA, in August 2006 and 2014. Receiving two awards from such a prestigious car show – one of the best in the world – is truly an honor to the Sielecki clan. 


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