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custom box printing

Custom box printing is the need of almost every business. It is inevitable for companies to boost the visuals of their packages. The quality of the graphics depends on this process. The designing process of the packaging is also linked with printing. Many brands consider this a vital and a pretty challenging part. But the reality is the opposite. Different types of guidelines can help them add exciting visuals to their packages. You have to get those guidelines from experts. Here are the six tips from expert professionals to easily print your packages as per your desires. 



Right printing technique

Choosing the best technique for printing custom boxes is inevitable to make them look impressive. It becomes easier when you know the best method which is appropriate according to your design. Different techniques are available these days for businesses. You have to pick the one which suits your design and the packaging materials. Let us show you the popular methods and their uses. First of all, the digital technique is the best. You can use this technology when you have complex visuals in the design. High-class results are easy to obtain by using this method. You can use this method on cardboard, corrugated, or even on Kraft stock. 

When you have a simple theme containing one or two colors, the offset technique is the best. It can provide you great results at a lower cost. Choosing this technique can surely uplift the aesthetics of your packages. Then you have the option to select silkscreen and rotogravure methods which are quite impressive in different ways. Choosing the best suitable method will save a lot of problems afterward. 


Standardized Materials

Packaging materials’ standards have an enormous impact on printing so, choose the best when buying wholesale boxes. You have to select the best quality of the cardboard stock for having better results of graphics. The same is the case when you choose Kraft or corrugated stock. It becomes easier when you select the cardboard with sufficient thickness. A thicker sheet produces higher-quality results. Choose the best supplier that provides an amazingly smooth surface of the cardboard sheet. It is because a smooth surface requires less ink and produces vibrant results. It is an exciting thing that everyone must understand when looking to print these packages. Choice of materials also affects the techniques to print the packaging. Rotogravure is not suitable for corrugated stock most of the time. So, be careful when selecting a specific material for these packages. It can limit your options if you choose the wrong one.


Creative selection of theme

Selecting the colors cleverly is among the best things you need to do to get better printing results. First of all, you need to go through color theory if you do not have a professional designer. Then you can decide on a combination of colors that will work great as a theme. Using gradient themes is beneficial for you as well. This thing is interesting for you in many ways. Choosing a color scheme that matches other elements in the graphics is also beneficial. It can help you create a unique impact on the customers by using an innovative color scheme. If you are going to choose vibrant colors, then the offset technique is beneficial for you. In the case of premium and dull colors, you can go with the digital method. Selecting the appropriate method as per the color scheme can benefit you a lot. 


High-resolution images

Using high-resolution images is essential for you in many ways for custom box printing. If you choose a low-resolution vector file or image to print the packaging, it will reduce the quality. It is not what you need when you want to attract customers using these packages. High-resolution images will provide a sharp result on the boxes. Due to this thing, you can easily attract customers through these packages. Use appropriate source files that contain enough resolution to provide you high-density pixels on the boxes. It is the first and the foremost thing that you have to consider when starting to design. As a result, it will elevate your product value.


Avoid unnecessary paragraphs

Avoiding unnecessary paragraphs is a piece of great advice for you. You have to be concise in the details you want to communicate. It is essential to reduce the amount of text because it can affect the overall design. You may have to compromise the quality of printing may due to this thing. When you have long paragraphs, the visuals behind them are hidden. The graphics cannot produce desired effects on customers’ psychology due to this thing. You have to choose the text in the appropriate typography style concisely. It will help you showcase the visuals pretty fascinatingly to the customers. As a result, you will improve the desired results in terms of aesthetics.


Suitable inks are vital.

It is important advice for you that you must use suitable inks on custom printed boxes. Many types of inks are great for different printing methods. However, some of them give lower-quality results for specific themes. You can use oil-based inks for vibrant colors and complex graphics. Water-soluble inks are also useful in this regard but may not provide as much vibrancy. Choosing sustainable inks can help you make these packages eco-friendly. It is a big decision that can impact the visual output of your boxes. 


Custom box printing has vital significance for many brands. Visuals are mainly dependent on the printing quality, and creativity one has put in the designing process. Printing these packages is easier than you think, but appropriate tips are always handy. So, these were the six thrilling tips that will help you to learn the art of printing these packages. 


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