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Mattress Shopping

Getting a new mattress is a fun activity, especially if you know what you are looking for. But, inevitably, people who commit mistakes in buying a mattress compromise the whole experience and money they spent. 

One of the most common mistakes people go through in choosing a mattress is buying without testing the mattress. So, never forget to try out the mattress before you bring it home with you. Another one is buying a mattress that is too firm, thinking that a firmer bed will always be better. Lastly, buying for the sake of having a mattress even if it’s not the right kind for your body’s needs. 

It is hard to get the right mattress if you don’t even know which one suits you best. It will be a huge waste of money if you pay for something you would not enjoy for a long time. So, we have listed some mattress must-know to help guide you in your shopping. 

Know the Difference of Each Mattress Types 

Not all mattresses are the same. From the shape, sizes, thickness, firmness, brands, and even materials made- they are all different. Listed here below are some of the common types of mattresses that most people buy and their distinct differences to help you look for the best mattress you could ever get. 

Innerspring Mattress 

For sure, you have heard of innerspring mattresses because they are the most bought mattresses of all time. You can see them widely in hundreds of household families since they are known for their phenomenal flexibility and durability. This kind of mattress has coil springs that help the bed when it starts wearing away. Whether you want a firmer, fluffier, or whatever it is, you can find it in an innerspring mattress. 

Memory Foam 

Getting memory foam has a lot of benefits. It helps promote a good spinal alignment, it’s great resistance to specks of dust and mites, and it has a great low motion transfer. Without a doubt, this mattress has received tons of attention and became very popular too. This mattress also responds well to human body weight making you feel comfortable and as if you are being cradled.  

Gel Mattresses 

If you want a mattress that does not trap heat, a gel mattress could help. It works excellently in maintaining a cool bed and making you feel naturally cooler. So, you can expect that you can stay cool while you are sleeping. Also, it helps in promoting proper body alignment and is comfortable to sleep on. 

Latex Mattresses 

Do you want to have a more natural mattress option? Then go for a latex mattress. This type of mattress offers a great bounce, but if you want a mattress that allows you to sink into it, then go for a memory foam instead. But, if you want a mattress that has a bouncy feeling and does not trap heat, a latex mattress could also be a good choice. 

Ask If They Allow a Trial Period 

Mattresses in a shop will look perfect and as if there are no flaws. But, there is no guarantee that you would still feel the same way about the mattress when you sleep on it. So, a smart step you could do is to ask the store if they could give you a thirty-day trial period. In this way, you could return it to them if you do not enjoy using the mattress, and there would be no additional costs. 

Ensure That There is a Product Warranty 

Product warranties are a great help and very important- especially if you buy something that would cost you a lot. Also, always secure that your mattress has a good warranty, most likely that it could reach as long as ten years or more.

Also, try to completely understand what is stated in your warranty and know what covers it. There are warranty types that do not cover everything and only cover certain kinds of damages from manufacturing mistakes. Be a smart buyer to learn how you could save more. 

Make Sure Your Mattress Will Be Delivered Safely 

If you have decided to get your mattress delivered from the shop, make sure you have checked your mattress carefully before the delivery driver even leaves. Do not rush going home to your house immediately since there could be some damages that could happen to your purchase during the transport time.

Also, make sure that you keep all your warranties and other necessary papers if ever there will be damages. Never accept the mattress if it arrives damaged, discolored, and broken in any way.

Buy a Mattress Protector 

Over time, your mattress will become dirty, saggy, and old. But, if you gave a great mattress protector, it could help prolong the lifespan of your bed and help minimize the chances of any surface damage. 

While you still have a freshly bought mattress, prepare your mattress protector to ensure that it is protected already. This is vital because if your warranty does not cover mattress stains, this instance would not worry you because you already have a mattress protector. 


Sometimes it could be hard to learn if your sleepless nights are due to overthinking or having the wrong kind of mattress. But, if you have a comfortable bed that suffices your sleeping needs, then there is a higher chance that you could sleep soundly at night. You can begin by knowing these easy steps above to help you purchase and get a good night’s sleep. 

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