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Maxwell Drever Explains What is Workforce Housing and Why is it so Important?


The Workforce Housing Program was established with the aim to allow middle-income families to acquire or rent newly built housing at a reasonable price. To accomplish the target of affordable homes for county people, this program doesn’t even use national, state, or county funds.

The Workforce Housing Scheme is open in some projects. Inside those projects, there are special lots reserved for income-eligible buyers. Workforce Housing homes are only available to income-qualified buyers.

Housing for the workforce is indeed a matter of equity. There are educators, law enforcement officers, fire departments, medical personnel, laundry personnel, and restaurant staff, along with those who cannot manage to live in the areas they serve. Nevertheless, the scarcity of affordable workforce housing affects more than just working families. Due to rising housing costs, families are being forced to relocate more and further away from their places of employment in order to afford a house. Cities are becoming increasingly sprawled, resulting in increased overcrowding, air quality, and roadway maintenance expenses, all of which have a detrimental impact on the community’s standard of living.

Why is it important?

Approximately half of all tenants are cost-burdened, which means they spend over 30% of their income on rent. This strain is borne by many lower-income families, who must devote a greater proportion of income to accommodation, leaving less money for other needs such as food, apparel, and medical services.

Since a single individual earning significantly far less than City’s average income can’t pay the City’s average rent for just an accommodation with an extra bedroom, let alone the 50% of the available housing that rents for less than the average, there is a worker housing crisis. As a result, it appears that we will need to impose a tax on new buildings through Incentives Zoning in order for someone earning up to $49k to live in a subsidized unit in a fresh new urban high rise.

Unemployed people need a push 

High housing costs constrain who could really afford to live in a given area, resulting in a labor shortage in lower-wage jobs. Unemployed people are discouraged from migrating to the region, excluding those who earn extremely high earnings, while existing employees are pushed to less expensive markets. This makes it difficult to recruit and retain employees at all levels.

Boost up the economy 

Destabilization in the economy and in the housing markets are linked. Low-wage workers, who generally have restrictive work hours and leave options, need access to reliable, affordable housing the most. Maxwell Drever says that when individuals have high housing and transportation expenditures, they are much more likely to encounter financial instability if they have been forced to miss work due to connected crises, such as an unexpected repair, an unpredictable and harsh commute, or a subpoena to the courtroom for an occupancy hearing. 

Moreover, due to the added stress associated with an eviction and seeking a suitable place to reside, their professional life may deteriorate.

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