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Measuring The Level Of Water With A PH Test Kit

During times when you are trying to find out the quality of water in your home or workplace, probably the most effective measurement to opt for is the pH of the water. This indicates whether or not the water is alkaline or acidic. To do the same you can make use of a portable ph meter. When the water has a ph value of seven. It simply means that the water is neutral. Fewer values mean the water is acidic. Similarly, high values mean the water is alkaline. While substances like coffee and juice have ph values of 3.5 and 5.5 respectively, other ones like baking soda and bleach come with 8.5 to 12 ph values.

When taking a look particularly at the water, the ph level which you test can find out whether or not the quality of water is soft or hard. For most of the water systems, the ph level will be somewhere from 6.5 to 8.5. While you are measuring the pH level tester for water, you can find out how corrosive the water is at present.

What does ph for water mean?

While there are a number of measurements that can be taken for water, measuring the pH value can be very useful because of umpteen reasons. For example, a specific change in the pH value of a stream indicates the rise of pollution amounts. As mentioned above already, pH values will tell you if the water is hard or soft.

If the water is hard, it means it consists of high amounts of dissolved minerals at present. The water which is soft consists of minerals like sodium. This particular type of water can be very corrosive which means the pH value dips below 6.5. On the other hand, the minerals which are found in hard water are able to lessen the whole amount of acidity present in the water which serves to increase pH levels.

Since water with a high pH is considered healthy as compared to acidic water, a lot of people drink alkaline water. Though, the health claims connected with alkaline water still needs to be studied. When the water was checked by a water pH tester, it was seen that the water can regulate the pH level present in the body. As a result, it prevents diseases and aging procedures. While standard water drinking comes with pH levels at around seven, the levels of alkaline water can be somewhere between eight to nine.

Before drinking alkaline water, it is crucial to understand the effects that may take place while drinking a significant amount of the water. There has been less research done for the same that shows some perks and consequences of consuming alkaline water. Nevertheless, there are some side effects that you should have an idea about. Even though drinking alkaline water is known to be safe, some side effects could still take place and they extend to gastrointestinal issues, issues related to the skin, and a problem known as alkalosis. This condition can give rise to the issues mentioned below.

  1. Vomiting
  2. Nausea
  3. Hand tremors
  4. Confusion 

It is recommended to test pH levels on a regular basis because of the role atmosphere gases play. The carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere can make rainfall acidic which could affect the pH value of the water.

Do you want to know more about ph-level testers? Do yourself a favor and let the professionals help you with the same. They have years of experience in the industry which makes them suitable to help you. Tell them what you need and they will spare no effort to meet your expectations.

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