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Starting an e-commerce business comes with plenty of benefits such as no restrictions to get started, access to the global market, lower business overheads and the ability to generate sales 24/7. This is the reason, more and more people are entering the e-commerce world to generate handsome revenues every month. The digital business world has seen a huge surge during COVID-19 and continues to rise. But some business owners are afraid of investing in the industry because of no proper guidance. That’s why, Mehtabjit Teja is on a mission to make e-commerce more accessible to all so they can invest their time, money, and resource to reap the advantages of going global with their products or services.

Mehtabjit Teja and E-commerce

Mehtabjit Teja is a self-made online entrepreneur who started his career in the industry as a digital marketer. He developed successful digital campaigns and strategies for many popular brands in Canada before entering to the e-commerce field. When working as a digital marketer, he realized that electronic commerce is a fast-growing industry and offers infinite opportunities to both beginners and established brands. So, he decided to start his own online store to meet the rising demands and needs of online shopping. He started and sold many businesses and failed in some of his online projects. But he is a man with a great work ethic and believes in consistency and never giving up.

Mehtabjit started an online watch brand Branzio watches and spent all his expertise, skills, and experience on growing this brand online. Now Mehtabjit Teja Branzio watches is a popular online watch store selling premium watches across the world. His watch brand is selling watches to 66+ countries worldwide and growing, Mehtabjit said. He is a serial entrepreneur as he is currently managing more than 15 brands online with help of his team of 75+ professionals.

Mehtabjit always says that anyone can start an e-commerce business by choosing a profitable niche and a proper approach to achieve chosen goals. He has a passion of helping others who want to join the industry but are afraid of it because of fewer knowledge and resources to get started. He always advises online entrepreneurs that they must work hard towards their business goals and be patient to see the result. From choosing a suitable niche and product sourcing to developing an e-commerce website and promoting products online, beginners can learn everything in between from Mehtabjit as is always speak about e-commerce and the opportunities it offers.

Mehtabjit believes that sharing knowledge and experience with others is his mission to make the process of starting an e-commerce business easier for beginners. As a successful online entrepreneur, he has been a motivational speaker at several corporate events including Affiliate work in Barcelona and UAE. The Internet is full of his public speeches, interviews, podcasts, and motivational videos. Beginners can learn e-commerce from these resources to achieve their dreams by starting their own online selling brands.

Hard work, determination, and consistency are the core values of Mehtabjit that made him successful in his journey towards earning 8-digits with e-commerce. He is now leading a team of more than 75 employees who work remotely to help him in managing the network of Mehtabjit Teja e-commerce websites and brands. He wants everyone to learn e-commerce and invest in the industry to generate a handsome amount of money every month by working flexibly probably from anywhere.

Mehtabjit and his team know everything it takes to start and scale e-commerce startups successfully. Along with offering e-commerce coaching services, they help their clients run, manage and grow their online brands without facing troubles. He always stays on top of market trends and industry news to adapt accordingly. 


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