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Mezzanine floorsMezzanine Floors Melbourne The Most Popular Floors

Mezzanine Floors are semi-permanent constructions that establish a new floor level between the present floor and the roof when installed within an existing structure. They are a particularly cost-effective means of adding a room to an existing structure. If you need to grow your business but the costs of extending or relocating your building are prohibitive, a mezzanine floor from AW Structures, which doubles the available floor area, may be the answer. 

Storage (Raised storage platforms), working areas, plant support structures, manufacturing facilities, retail areas, and office areas are only some of the uses for mezzanines. Mezzanine systems are quite versatile, and they are a highly cost-effective means of possibly tripling your usable floor area. 

Mezzanine Floors
Mezzanine Floors Melbourne

The Mezzanine floors Melbourne are not only a cost-effective method to expand, but they can also be a wonderful way to condense a firm into smaller, more cost-effective locations by maximizing available space. If you now operate from two locations, investigate the viability of merging the two businesses into one with the installation of a mezzanine level to provide the additional floor space needed. 

Before Purchasing A Mezzanine Floor, There Are A Few Things To Think About. 

1. Available Headroom 

The amount of headroom available is the most critical aspect for any mezzanine floor. To obtain enough headroom at both the ground and first floor levels, a minimum current roof height of about 4.500m would be the minimum need. 

2. Loading 

Mezzanine floors are intending to meet the needs of customers. While also adhering to the Building Regulations and BRE Digest 437 loading standards. Mezzanine floor loadings range from 2.5kN/m2 (250kg/m2) for light offices. With no partitions to some exceptionally heavy loadings for special activities, but the most typical design loading is around 5kN/m2 (500kg/m2). Which is acceptable for most uses. The amount of permissible deflection (bounce) within the design should be given more thought. Mezzanines are usually lightweight constructions that allow for deflection within their design; however, this may be decreased by lowering the design’s deflection limitations. Warning… cheaper mezzanine floors have higher deflection (bounce). 

3. Use 

The usage of a mezzanine level is critical because it affects the implementation of Building Regulations requirements. If the mezzanine floor is to utilize’s as a working space or for retail purposes. It must designing in accordance with Part M of the Building Regulations; to provide sufficient access for handicapped people. This is commonly accomplished by constructing an appropriate (Part M) staircase. Furthermore, mezzanine floors used as workspaces or for shops must meet more strict fire safety and escape criteria than storage platforms. All mezzanines are risk-assessed and developed depending on their intended function. 

4. Escape/Access 

Mezzanine levels are oftening accesse from stairwells. You should think about where this can the greatest fit for your operation. But you should also think about where it would in respect to the building’s fire exits to reduce escape travel lengths. Because maximum travel lengths are mandating from Building Regulations, extra staircases will be necessary on bigger mezzanine stories. 

Mezzanine Floors
Before Purchasing A Mezzanine Floor, There Are A Few Things To Think About


Central Mezzanine Floor has numerous pleased clients over the course of its 30-year existence. Including the MOD, Sunseeker Boats, Boots, Anglian Windows, Travis Perkins,  TNT, Smallbone Kitchens, Europa Worldwide, and Howdens Joinery, to mention a few. We’ve also had the tremendous honor of assisting. Thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in expanding and realizing their full potential.

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