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If you are thinking to buy Microsoft office for pc, then it is a great idea! There are several reasons why you should invest in this product. Available in 27 languages, Microsoft office 2016 was released in 2015. Yet, it is still a popular amongst Microsoft users because of its utility. There is a plethora of new features in both, Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Office 2016 mac review. In case you are a Window user, you will be able to use this product to open, create, edit and save files directly into the cloud from your desktop or laptop.

The new search tool command that is available in Word and PowerPoint will make your work a lot easier. Several other features such as insights, contextual information from the web providing functionality, new designs in PowerPoint and data loss prevention. In case you are a Mac user, you will get to use features such as user interface that is updated and support for Retina Display. You will be able to share Word Documents quite easily using Office 2016. In case of Word, you will be able to use a new design tab, which was not available in the previous versions. You will also be able to use theme variants and Recommended charts feature in PowerPoint and Excel respectively. It is a great deal no matter what device you are using.

Different Editions To Choose From!

Before you buy office 2016 for sale, you need to know about the different editions in order to choose the right one according to your own needs. All the traditional versions of Microsoft Office 2016 contain PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote, that can be used only on one computer. You will get to choose from five traditional editions if you are a Windows user. The Home and Student edition is for only the core applications while the Professional one has all the core applications along with Outlook, Access and Publisher. Three traditional versions were released for Mac users: Home and Student, Home and Business and Standard.

Minimum System Requirement That You Need!

For Windows users, you have to discard Microsoft office 2013 in order to use Microsoft office 2016. Both the applications cannot work simultaneously on a Windows device. However, there is no issue if you want to purchase office 2016 and use it with previous versions of office. For Mac users, things are a little bit different. For Mac transformed Office 2016 performed automatically from 32 bit to 64 bit. Users with 32 bit will only be able to use 15.25 versions as manual. Others with 64 bit can use all the versions after 15.25 versions.

There are several websites on the web from where you can buy office 2016 online. One of the reliable ones is Our website will be able to help you to choose the best Microsoft Office Edition according to your preferences. Moreover, you will be able to purchase it without burning a hole in your pocket as our website has some fantastic offers.

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