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You have reached the paradise of any lover of instant photography. Polaroid comes to mind for all of us when we think of getting instant photos, right?

The truth is that today it is rare or more cumbersome to carry such a camera since it always accompanies us to the Smartphone. Precisely for this reason, to take advantage of our mobile as a camera and be able to print the photos we take at that moment, portable printers like the ones I bring you today have emerged.

Zink, the thermal paper printing technology

No pocket printer would make sense without Zink technology. Reading on internet I have discovered that this technology emerged in the 90s in a Polaroid Corporation laboratory.

Zink is the acronym for zero ink. Precisely for this reason, these printers do not require ink cartridges like the ones you can find in any office.

Its differentiation lies in its thermal paper. This paper has several layers:

  • one is sticky
  • Other heat sensitive with cyan, magenta and yellow tints to form the printing colors
  • A third layer to protect and cover that color


How do thermal photo printers work?

 Zinc Technology 

Inside these devices, heat is emitted, which, by controlling the duration and intensity, makes it possible, together with thermal paper, to obtain photos instantly and without ink.

 Bluetooth connection 

All these printers use the same printing technology and connect via Bluetooth to be able to send the photos from the mobile.

 Mobile app 

These mini printers are controlled from the app. They are usually available for both Android and iOS and allow you to edit the color, contrast, brightness, add text, emojis.

 Color calibration 

They include a color card (usually blue or orange) that is placed face down whenever we want to print to calibrate the color.

 Print sizes 

Currently, these devices print in two dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5 x 7.6 cm) or 3 x 3 inches (7 x 7 cm).


They work with batteries that are charged via micro USB. It depends on the model and the number of photos to be printed, but they are gadgets designed to print on the move.

The best printers to print photos instantly

PoooliPrinter L1 Pocket Printer

Poooli’s pocket printer, which comes with a FREE paper roll, can help you improve your photo-taking talents.

Poooli printer is one of the most compact, beautiful and portable you can find if you are looking for a competent option. It is true that despite its small size, its weight is a little higher than the larger ones. 

It is seen that the more they reduce the size the more they weigh.

Regarding the quality of the image, like the rest of the sublimation printers mentioned, it achieves a fairly good finish.

Regarding the gloss or matte, everything will depend on the paper you buy for printing.

Here are some of the features of Poooli printers listed below;

  • Free app, connects to Bluetooth
  • 24 hours battery life
  • Micro USB port
  • Print speed: 5mm/s – 0.2inches/s
  • Quality: 200dpi
  • Print width 48mm / 1.9 inch
  • Zero ink 
  • Connects to all mobile devices
  • Pocket size of just 3.25*3.25*1.5 inch / 83*83*38mm for a weight of 6 Oz / 170g.

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