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People often contact an orthopedic doctor when the pain is unbearable, affecting their quality of life. This can be unfortunate, especially with athletes and physically active individuals who need to bounce back to their everyday life soonest. However, orthopedic care is not only a recommendation for athletes. Your Jersey City orthopedics doctor at Garden State Pain & Orthopedics might also suggest different orthopedic therapies if you have health conditions like osteoarthritis.

How can an orthopedic doctor help?

Dealing with musculoskeletal injuries can be challenging. However, an orthopedist can help diagnose the pain accurately and design a treatment plan befitting your unique goals. The medical professional will help in various ways, including:          

Rehabilitation plans

An orthopedist will help design a rehabilitation plan to help you feel your best. Your body works slowly after an injury. Therefore, the medical professional might advise you to slow down until he rehabilitates your entire system. During the recovery period, the primary physician might suggest:

  • Rest
  • Physical therapy
  • Supervision

Besides ensuring that your affected body part functions normally, proper rehabilitation also prevents a re-injury in the future.

Injury prevention

The orthopedic specialist offers treatment and advice to help minimize the progression of degenerative illnesses, thus allowing you to manage your painful symptoms. However, there are several ways to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. For instance, your doctor might suggest braces to minimize your chances of having ligament injuries.

How can you benefit from orthopedic care?

Orthopedic care helps:

Minimize pain

Eliminating pain is usually the first reason people seek professional orthopedic care. Whether the pain’s source is an injury or a health condition, the medical professional will thoroughly evaluate it before recommending treatment. In instances of a health condition like osteoarthritis, the physician will offer remedies for pain management, focusing on minimizing the inflammation which might adversely affect your joint health. The pain management approaches your orthopedic doctor might suggest include physical therapy, injection therapy, bracing and viscosupplementation.

Restore joint function

Limited motion range and stiffness are common, especially with moving an affected joint. Inability to significantly engage your body to its full potential can lower your life quality. In such an instance, the orthopedic doctor will diagnose the problem then suggest treatment to enhance joint function.

Enhance your overall performance

Physically active people are vulnerable to several injuries. As a result, the individuals need comprehensive orthopedic care that is effective without impacting their performance. An orthopedic doctor specializing in sports medicine might also assist professional and amateur athletes in performing at their best by creating a personalized treatment plan to enhance performance while lowering potential chances of long-term effects of rigorous exercises.

Recommend surgical treatment when necessary

The medical expert might explore surgical options after the conservative options to help alleviate your disabling symptoms fail. A surgical procedure can help you recover, helping you return to your normal function soon. The best part of orthopedic surgical treatments is that your surgeon will perform them in an outpatient setting, meaning that you can go back home and recover in the comfort of your home.      

Keeping fit is not a preserve for athletes. People recovering from injuries and physically active people also need orthopedic care to help them strengthen their musculoskeletal muscles. Do not struggle with immobility when you can contact your orthopedist for help.

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