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More than 50% of people still can’t differentiate between Cannabis (Cannabis or Marijuana) and Cannabis (Hemp) because the two plants belong to the same family. They are physically very similar. So many people think that including Hemp and Cannabis are all addictive plants. But Cannabis and Hemp are two different plants. And although both hemp and hemp plants have the same two main active ingredients, CBD kaufen and THC, both plants have different amounts of active ingredients, especially Hemp. Plants that produce less than 0.3% THC are not considered addictive. And now the U.S.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has removed Cannabis from its list of substances under control. Hemp is considered a freely grown crop for the industrial economy (Industrial Hemp). Hemp is not an addictive plant. It is not psychoactive. Hemp, on the other hand, is a cash crop. That has the potential to be used for business benefits in various industries. Hemp is not the only source of high-quality and safe CBD (Hemp-derived CBD). Every part of Hemp can be used for all benefits such as:

Hemp seeds have higher nutritional value protein and are many times cheaper than soybeans. Research is being conducted to convert hemp seed into a plant-based protein substitute for soybeans. Hemp oil also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, the same good fatty acids found in fish oil.

The hemp plant, which provides 20% more fiber than hemp plant and the fiber is of good quality, solid, and durable, twice as much as cotton, making it popular in the United States and Japan to replace synthetic fibers with hemp fibers as the main component of interior parts. Such as door panels, trays, rear seats, and trunk storage siding, etc. China and Canada are also the countries with a market value in the hemp textile and pulp industry, among the world’s leading.

According to the Government, Gazette has announced the Narcotics Control Board on Hemp Characteristics B.E. 2019, stating that Hemp is a subspecies of the cannabis plant. With THC content in leaves and inflorescences not more than 0.5% per dry weight.

In addition, hemp seeds are defined as having no more than 0.3% THC content in leaves and inflorescences per dry weight. This is to separate the regulatory system for cannabis and cannabis products. and is mainly aimed at promoting the cultivation of Hemp as an economic crop; in addition, the unlocking of hemp extracts and Cannabis as specified in the Ministry of Public Health’s Notification Re: Identification of Type 5 Narcotics (No. 2) B.E. Exiting from being a Category 5 drug is another crucial step in the policy to support the use of marijuana to create real medical and economic benefits for Thailand.

Hemp and cannabis plant extracts include cannabidiol (CBD kaufen) with a purity greater than or equal to 99% and content. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychotropic substance, does not exceed 0.01% by weight. According to the law on medicines or herbal products.


Products with CBD kaufen as the main ingredient and THC compounds not more than 0.2% by weight, medicines, or herbal products. Hemp seed or Hemp seed oil, or Hemp seed extract to be used in the food and cosmetic industry, But the seeds used must be those that cannot be further fertilized.


Establishing effective policy frameworks and action plans is a cyclical process that determines, implements evaluates, applies, and improves. In particular, national policies such as using cannabis extracts for medicinal purposes Rely on the completeness of information, knowledge, and academic evidence to be used in policy-making. And to improve policies to suit the context of Thai society, which will focus on achieving four main objectives:

  1. Medical Access
  2. A risk-based approach to marijuana use
  3. Public Safety
  4. Supply chain management will be the key to determining the policy framework and creating a roadmap to enable the cannabis policy movement to proceed in the same direction and line with the proper knowledge and understanding must.

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