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Creative toys have been the top choice for children. Your children may get excited by the concept of diy cardboard box toy house. However, there are more exciting things  they can do now. For example, building blocks can be the best play toy for children but sometimes you make blunders in making the best choice.

There is no doubt that wooden building blocks have been one of the most popular toys throughout history. Their popularity has been maintained over time, regardless of the introduction of new technology and electronic toys. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing building blocks for children:

Choosing wooden blocks that are too small: The main difference between large wooden building blocks and small Lego bricks is that the latter can be quickly swallowed by babies if they are left unattended.

Buying toys made of unhealthy materials: It is important to check whether a toy is made of healthy materials and do not contain harmful substances like lead-based paints and varnishes, which can cause serious health problems.

Purchasing wood building blocks with sharp edges or corners: Edges must be smoothed out as much as possible to prevent children from hurting themselves during playtime.

Not choosing the right size

The size of a toy is an important factor in a child’s play as it affects how toys are used by the child. For example, if a toy is too bulky for a child’s hands, they will have difficulty manipulating it and might end up just dropping or throwing it away.

You should choose blocks that your child can hold easily. Here’s a quick guide you can use when buying wooden blocks:

For infants aged 0 to 1 years old – buy blocks at least 2 inches big

Children aged 1 to 2 years old – buy blocks at least 1 ½ inches big

Children aged 2 to 3 years old – buy blocks at least 1 inch big

Purchasing too many large building block sets: Children get overwhelmed by large sets of building blocks so it is best to start with a smaller set and then add on as your child’s skill level advances. It is also a good idea to have your child work on one project at a time instead of having several partially completed projects around the house. This helps keep the pieces organized and prevents them from becoming lost or damaged.

 As your child becomes more skilled at building with one type of block he may want to try his hand at another type of block. Having a wide variety of block types will keep him interested in creating new projects instead of getting bored with the same block set over and over again.

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes by all means for sure. It will be the smart step on your part. The best part is that when you remember these essentials, you will not waste your money. Wise choices can save you from a lot of trouble.

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