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Mitsuri The Strongest Demon Slayer Of Kimetsu No Yaiba

There are so many things in the world now-a-days to entertain us and cinema is one of them. But cinema is just not made to entertain us, it is a medium to inspire us, teach us so many aspects of life which we are unaware of till now. There is a connection between us and that movie or show when we first watch and instantly get attracted towards it.

Anime is a section in this broad cinema perspective and there are so many fans in the world who just loves Anime for many reasons but some people says that they can’t relate with the characters because of inhuman and some likes them for being inhuman because they are fed up of this world and want something to comfort them.

Mitsuri Kanroji is a character to which many girls can relate and want to become like her in real life. Because she doesn’t give up her ambitions and is the strongest major supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In Fact she sometimes worries for herself why she is so strong and if it is okay for a girl to be this free and the strongest because some people of this society don’t accept the fact that for a girl especially.

Let’s understand in detail about the life, appearance, personality, abilities, fighting style, equipment, battles and trivia of Mitsuri demon slayer Kanroji in this article. So Stay Tuned to the end.


Mitsuri has normal average height with a curved body with a lot of muscles and has a slightly pale complexion which makes her so beautiful. She has round pale green eyes and a small beauty mark between her long eyelashes that looks so good.


She has this very long hair and the colour of it is pink at the upper end and faded to lime green to the middle to lower end which she tries to wear with three thick braids. When she tried to get married, she coloured her hair fully black to act normal.

Mitsuri wears standard Demon Slayer uniform which is a heavily modified Magenta tinted version with plain white haori which she got in a gift from Kyojuro Rengoku. The uniform is so tightly fitted that she has to leave unbuttoned her jacket and her undershirt with a short mini skirt that is pleated in place of usual pants. She pairs this uniform with navy thigh-high socks and she has two other types of socks lime green and white which she layers with other outfits.

She used to wear a kimono outfit with floral design when she was in Swordsmith Village. She accidentally lost both of her arms when she was trying to rip off Muzan’s left arm.

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Mitsuri is very compassionate and emotional and often stuck in tough situations because of her personality. She has this nickname ‘the hashira of love’ because she always tries to help other people and contribute in their life by making even a small contribution and compliments them in her head only and this shows she is an introvert and shy.

She is very shy and a good person overall to others but when it comes to demons she shows no mercy and fights with her full strength and has a fierce tone when she has to answer somebody who tries to boo her or wants to argue over nothing. She has shown great dedication towards the demon slayer cause while she is desperate to get married makes her a person who has mood swings in minutes.

Abilities of Mitsuri

Mitsuri is a powerful and skilled combats when it comes to be a hashira of demon slayer corps, you can guess her skill set when she has completed her final selection in just six months of training which was just impossible for anyone in that corps to which even Kyojuro recognised and praised demon slayer Mitsuri.

She unknowingly unlocked, when she was fearing the rejection, Demon Slayer Mark when she pushed her heart and blood rate to maximum level and that made her more flexible, faster and stronger as compared to before. She has muscles 8 times denser than any normal human because of special muscular composition which is very uncommon. 

Fighting Style

Mitsuri has one of the best swordsmanship styles which is based around her thin and flexible Nichirin sword which is a whip sword. She created a different breathing style from her experience by using the Flaming breathing technique.

Fighting Style

She has some outstanding fighting style technique which is so rare are:

  • First form: shivers of first love
  • Second form: love pangs
  • Third form: cat love shower
  • Fourth form: swaying love, wildclaw
  • Fifth form: cat-legged winds of love

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While most Demon Slayers use standard katanas, Misturi has a thin, flexible and long Nichirin Sword that is so sharp compared to other battle equipment. The sword was made by Tecchin Tecchikawahara in a very bizarre shape thus makes it so hard to use for anyone and needs expertise to craft for use.

Only she can use the sword by not cutting herself which shows her superhuman ability in fighting style. She has maximised her attack range and made it longer by using her special whip-katana which is of pink colour and has a shape like four leaves. 


Swordsmith Village Arc

  • Tanjiro kamado and Misturi Kanroji vs Hantengu

Infinity Castle Arc

  • Nakime vs Misturi

Sunrise Countdown Arc:

  • Demon Slayers vs Muzan kibutsuji 

Conclusion and Trivia

Misturi has become a sensation in the anime girl characters where she doesn’t only possess powers and intelligence but a soft kind heart which makes her so elegant and sophisticated at the same time. She has four siblings in her family and all were getting along with everyone so well. Besides her personality, she has the biggest appetite in comparison to all the Hashira. In later episodes it was revealed that her favourite food is pork cutlets omurice and english voice actor Kira Buckland has given her voice in the English dubbing for the character of Mitsuri bath scene.

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