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While some people might find moles to be an eyesore, some love these beauty marks and argue that they are the epitome of their beauty. Fort Worth moles astrologists believe that the beauty spot placement on your body tells more about you. The small collection of cells, usually brown, has myths about your personality, style, and attitude towards life. For instance, a mole on your hand depicts an energetic and talented individual.

What does your mole say about you?

  • Cheek

Most moles appearing on cheeks are signs of beauty. A mole on your right cheeks affirms that you have a caring personality, with your loved ones finding it safe to be around you. On the other hand, a mole on your left cheek means that you are an introverted individual who prefers having a small circle of friends. Thus, you prefer hanging out as a loner than with a party. 

  • Forehead

A mole growing on your forehead is usually a sign of prosperity. However, the mole’s meaning is likely to shift with its position on your forehead. For instance, a mole on the right side of your forehead indicates that you are a good partner. Thus, whether in a business partnership or marriage, the group of cells on your forehead will bring you fame and success. On the other hand, while a mole in the middle of your forehead indicates wisdom, the beauty spot on the left side of your forehead means bad luck.

  • Lips

Moles on lips indicate ambitiousness. While the growth at the edges of your upper lip is an indication that you and food are inseparable, the beauty spot on either side of your lower lip shows that you are a social person interested in theatre and acting.

  • Chin

The beauty mark on your chin means you are a caring and affectionate person. The collection of cells also indicates you have a knack for changing environments. Thus, you love being in new places, surrounded by different people. Moles on different parts of your chin have other meanings. For instance, while a mole on your chin’s left side indicates honesty, the mark on the right side dictates a diplomatic personality.    

  • Nose

A mole on your nose indicates that you have high self-respect. You are likely to be short-tempered if the beauty spot is on the tips of your nose. While the group of cells on the left side of your nose represents struggle, the mark on your right side means that you are passionate and quite sexual.

  • Belly

Moles, especially those near your navel, dictate that you are a very promising individual. You are most likely to be financially stable with a weakness for the ladies if you have the beauty spots appearing on the right side of your belly. On the other hand, a jealous factor looms in your life when the mole appears on your left side. The mole denotes that you are trustworthy and creative if it is on your lower back and a responsible individual with good decision-making power if it is on your upper back.

Contact your doctor for more information to know if your mole is a health concern or a beauty spot.  

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