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Restore & Relax With A Thai Massage in Gungahlin

Originating in India and spreading across the world, Thai massage techniques have been practiced for over 2,500 years. Considered a healing art, traditional Thai Massage is seen as an essential therapy that is used to ease stress, tension and promote relaxation and overall wellness.

As a mix of deep pressure and assisted yoga, Thai Massage is a powerful wellness technique second to none.

Rejuvenation For Mind & Body

Thai massage techniques are very different to “conventional” massages. Unlike Western based massages that involves a massage bed, body oils and kneading of the muscle and pressure points, a Thai massage is performed fully clothed on a padded floor mat.

Guided by a trained practitioner, participants are encouraged to stretch and manoeuvre their limbs into different positions. Using their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms and feet, gentle and deep pressure is used to relieve tension, promote relaxation, and improve flexibility and circulation.

In addition to body movement, this massage also focuses on energy work. In the Asian culture, Thai massage is believed to treat the subtle energetic field within the body and helps to correct blockages, deficiencies and imbalances, thereby improving the participant’s health.

Not Your Traditional Massage

To the inexperienced, a Thai massage can seem strange and foreign. Supported by several studies, Thai massage is known to have several benefits, including:

Relieves Headaches & Back Pain

Research has shown that traditional Thai massages helps to relieve the symptoms of migraines, tension headaches and backpain. This works by releasing shortened muscles and relaxing the tension held hold in the head, shoulders, neck and back.

Increases Flexibility And Range Of Motion

Also known as assisted yoga, Thai massage incorporates yoga like moves. This gradual movement and gentle stretching improves circulation and reduces friction which enhances flexibility over time and allows for a greater range of movement.

Eases Anxiety

Although known to be more energetic, Thai massages can lower stress and anxiety. During a massage, the body is releasing a sleu of helpful hormones that leave participants feeling balanced, centred and calm.

Revives Energy

Many hold the misconception that Thai massages leave participants tired and fatigued. On the contrary, Thai massage focuses on the natural energy lines of the body, helping to balance and invigorate the mind and body.

Why Get A Thai Massage in Gungahlin

Despite its ancient origins, Thai massage is still a popular and widely practiced wellness technique. At Mor Thai Massage and Day Spa in Gungahlin, we believe everyone deserves health and well-being. Dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience in a warm and comfortable environment, we specialise in a range of therapeutic massage techniques for the whole body.

If you are tired of waking up with aches and pains, need a wellness boost or are looking to relieve built-up tension, our team at Mor Thai are here to help you. Give your mind and body a refresh. Book with Mor Thai today.

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