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More Female HGV Drivers among Goals in Road Haulage Plan12/08/2022 - NEWS - A long tailback on the M50 South bound stretching from the Airport junction to the toll bridge Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Over the years, we have seen less number of women in some professions viewed as men’s domain. An example is the HGV industry. But we believe it is time to change the norm and encourage more women to join the road haulage industry. The road haulage industry has been growing, opening job opportunities for more people. It is time for women to tap into this great opportunity and grow their careers.

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In the road haulage plan, the government has pointed out its strategy to encourage more females to join the HGV industry. The government has further rolled out a 10-year strategy to improve standards and efficiency in the highly competitive HGV industry. There has been a concern about HGV driver shortages resulting from retirements. The plan aims at addressing such issues by modernizing the industry and making the HGV driver career more attractive for people to take it up, including females and younger men.

In recent years, the HGV industry has faced several challenges following the overlapping crises of Brexit, Covid-19, and the war in Ukraine. There were increased border controls, severe delays, higher operational costs, and tougher working conditions for the HGV drivers. Such challenges have made the HGV drivers’ careers unattractive to many females and younger men. The concerns have prompted the road haulage strategy targeting crisis management, decarbonization, and road safety enforcement in the HGV industry.

The challenges facing the HGV industry are highly linked to the reason females have shied away from pursuing the HGV driver career. Industry figures show that only 2% of the HGV driver employees are female. Improving driving conditions and ensuring efficiency, so they are not stuck in traffic is a big move to make the industry more attractive to females and younger entrants.

Improving HGV drivers’ working conditions is aimed at encouraging more women and men to join the industry. Making the HGV job more attractive is expected to attract more women into the sector. The Government strategy is also aimed at funding the HGV sector and integrating the rail network for freight to reduce haulage roads. James Clifford, CEO of the UK’s largest HGV training company, HGVT, said, “It’s amazing to see the government investing in female HGV drivers. We even support the cause few years ago when Government came up with HGV program to support more female drivers on the road”.

Having more women in the HGV industry is a great strategy to promote equity in the sector. The Government is working well to ensure the HGV industry gets modernized and more women are attracted to work in the sector. It is a great job opportunity for women and younger men to tap the great chance in the HGV industry. The great effort by the Government to improve the working conditions of HGV drivers is likely to attract more females and younger men.

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