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The truth is, our skin gradually loses its elasticity and collagen production the moment we enter adulthood. This is because as we age, our needs, outdoor and physical activities also increase. This makes our skin work double-time to help protect us from harm, bacteria, illnesses, and other skin diseases that threaten our overall health and safety.


As a result, many of us may encounter a change in our complexion, including having breakouts, scars, discoloration, and other skin issues. And while these are unavoidable, failing to address them adequately may result in skin problems that can affect our financial health and self-esteem. That said, it pays to invest in achieving a youthful, healthy-looking glow as early as now.


It gives you confidence.


The skin is one of the first physical features that we notice when meeting people. In a way, it reflects our personality and gives away details to help others know us a little better. This can range from lifestyle, fashion taste, age, culture, ethnicity, and even beliefs.


More than health and beauty, taking care of our complexion helps build a more presentable look that gives us the courage to do and be more. However, it helps to understand that while some people take pride in wearing their flaws, not everyone is built with the same belief and courage, especially with the current societal expectations of physical beauty. For some, these can quickly scar and affect their self-image resulting in fear and embarrassment.


This, in turn, can have a negative repercussion on their views, decisions, and choices in life, both personally and professionally. And because it tends to disrupt your peace, it often leads to preventing you from doing what you love, trying something new, and wearing what you want. Therefore, treating your skin with tenderness, love, and care nourishes your self-esteem and self-confidence equally.


One way to do so is by investing in the right skincare products and having a healthy lifestyle. This includes choosing what you eat, following a skincare routine, and consulting with a reputable dermatologist to know the right formulation for your skin type.


It strengthens skin immunity.


Our skin serves as the initial external barrier protecting us against microbes, infection, and harsh weather conditions that can harm our overall health and well-being. Additionally, it shields us from contacting life-threatening rashes and diseases, including skin cancer and toxic shock syndrome. Thus, nurturing healthy skin beefs up our immune response that benefits both internal and external life factors.


However, caring for our skin takes more than taking regular showers and applying your favorite sunscreen lotion. Understand that skins require unique needs, and not every product available in the market can supplement that. If any, most of them may even be pushing you closer to harm.


So, make a habit of reading the labels and knowing how these chemicals affect your skin. For example, some products contain cosmetic preservatives that can trigger cell division, causing reproductive issues, breast cancer, tumor growth, and hair loss. Additionally, understand that the climate may affect your skin differently, so be more open in experimenting with which ones work for you best.


For example, hot weather opens up our pores triggering oiliness and dehydration, which in turn causes acne breakouts, pus formation, rashes, and inflammation. Thus, you may want to invest in mild products that contain the right PH level for your skin type. This will help wash away excess sebum, unclog your pores, and remove dirt without stripping your skin off of its natural oils.


It is a mental health booster.


Humans are naturally creatures of habits. Following routine anchors our lives which in turn make us feel safer, calmer, and well-rested. Therefore, having little to no routine can quickly overwhelm us, resulting in increased stress levels, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.


Taking care of our skin is no exception. Achieving a healthy-looking glow requires us to develop and follow a strict schedule. Thus, giving us a purpose and a sense of achievement, which in turn inspires us to accomplish more. Additionally, having something to focus on that boosts feel-good hormones prevents us from falling into a downward spiral of worries. Instead, these little wins boost our self-esteem and encourage us to build a consistent life structure.


Caring for our skin provides layers of long-term benefits that our future self will thank us for. In addition, it is an investment for your overall happiness and well-being that further elevates your quality of life. So, start pampering yourself now by giving your skin the love it deserves.


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