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Most Anticipated Upcoming Phone Launches in 2024 You Must Not Miss

The dawn of the technological age has endowed humanity with several gifts of which phones have become one of the most notable. Ranging from affordable devices to high-end flagship ones, several smartphones are on the charts to be released in the upcoming year. 

The clouds of the coming fall forecast a promising time for the smartphone world. For all the tech enthusiasts and smartphone users out there 2024 is going to be a joyous ride. Here’s your quick guidebook for the best upcoming phones about to hit the road.

A Quick Recap Of The 2023 Smartphone Feast

Before delving into the upcoming devices, let’s quickly look into the ones that took the market by storm in 2023. As much as the buzz is around the new releases, these have held the hearts of users for the past year. Of the multiple devices that flooded the market let’s have a look at some of the best.

A Quick Recap Of The 2023 Smartphone Feast

  • Apple iPhone 15 Series

Long queues before Apple stores were observed all around the world as the latest entrant in the iPhone series hit the market in September 2023. The latest A16 Bionic chipset under the hood coupled with the latest iOS 17 promised a butter smooth experience for the users. The Dynamic Island also attracted a lot of attention which was offered right from 15, the younger sibling to the pro and pro max.

  • OnePlus 11

With an elegant design, excellent screen, flaring Snapdragon 8 gen 2 processor, and feasible pricing can we expect it all in one single package? With the OnePlus 11, it’s possible. It could be added that the Android flagship as well as a direct successor to the prior OnePlus 10 was well-received by all users who appreciated it for its balanced ergonomics.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 raised many hues and cries right with its release primarily because of its overall balanced approach, subtle design, and camera results exceeding all expectations. It reiterated Samsung’s distinguished position in the smartphone market.

  • Poco F5

2023 was not all about upscale devices but also some budget-friendly gadgets that left an impression on the users. The Poco F5 was one of them. A performance-centric smartphone that comes equipped with the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 chipset, it spelled a delight for gamers on a pocket-friendly note.

  • OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite

OnePlus came with another banger catering to a wider audience who were on the lookout for a near flagship smartphone but with a much lesser price range. The OnePlus Nord CE 3 was an answer to their calls as it comes packed with a Snapdragon 695 5G chipset with the Oxygen OS ecosystem.

  • Google Pixel 7 Lineup

When it comes to camera performance very few smartphones come to the level of the Google Pixel lineup and with the latest addition to the family the Pixel 7 lives up to its ancestral tradition. It also comes loaded with a power-packed Google tensor G2 chipset and many other features in the foray.

  • Nothing Phone 2

Just as the name suggests ‘Nothing’ comes close to beating the elegant design that grants exceptional eye-catching strength to this loaded smartphone. Apart from its beauty, the device also caught the attention of users with its performance-oriented chipset and decent camera. Although new to the market, it has garnered a name for itself.

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The Top Picks From The Best Upcoming Phone Releases In 2024

The hype about smartphone releases has always kept fans on the edge of their seats. The coming fall envisions some promising devices that are bound to be released keeping customers on the edge of their seats. Here are some devices that will make hearts skip a beat with their launches.

  • Apple iPhone 16 Lineup

The hype is real about the much-awaited flagship from Apple that is expected to hit the market by September 2024. The iPhone flagships have always been fan favourites extracting much hue and cry on pre-releases and the iPhone 16 is no different. Some of the expected specifications are discussed below.

Expected Specs: The size of the pro and pro max versions is expected to increase over its predecessors. The OLED panels on the iPhone 16 could use micro-lens technology for enhanced brightness and efficient power consumption. A new iOS version is also on the charts along with an A17 chipset. The much-awaited USB-C technology transition will also continue with the iPhone 16. 

  • OnePlus 12

Arguably treated as the iPhone killer, OnePlus is ready to push through with its latest entrant in the flagship device genre the OnePlus 12. The global variant is expected to hit the market in January 2024. With aggressive pricing being the forte of OnePlus, we can expect the rates to be on the feasible side. 

Expected Specs: A 6.8 inch AMOLED screen housing a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU under the hood. A huge 5400 mAh battery and a charging support of up to 100W! 

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup

With a global fanbase, the South Korean tech giant will up its game with the latest flagships to be released down the line around the first quarter of 2024. Expected to have three siblings in the S24, S24 plus, and the S24 ultra, it will undoubtedly give its competition a run for its money. 

Expected Specs: A Qualcomm processor for the US release while an Exynos processor for the global releases. The camera is expected to have slight moderation although any major changes will not be seen. 

  • Nothing Phone 3

Carrying the charisma of the previous generations, the Nothing Phone 3 will be another addition to the elegance of the young company. Though quite new, the company has made a standing for itself in the market and warm reception among the users.

Expected Specs: Very little is known about the technical specifications that the Nothing Phone 3 is going to feature although the transparent rear with the lighting effect is almost a surety. 

  • Asus ROG Phone 8

Among high-performance-oriented phones, very few come close to this monster of a device by Asus which has earned a distinction among the gaming community owing to its slick performance and immersive screen time. Its power-packed performance along with competitive pricing makes it a force to reckon with among the competition.

Expected Specs: The current conjectures are a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip to go with an AMOLED display with a blazing 165 Hz refresh rate! Talk about going overboard. 

  • Google Pixel 9 Lineup

How can Google stay behind in this smartphone feast? Expected to be released in the second quarter of the next year, Google is planning to go big with the launch of its fresh flagships.

Expected Specs: With a bigger screen size and the latest Tensor G4 processor the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro will also house enhanced camera stats which has also been the USP of the Pixel lineup.

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What Should You Expect From The Coming Year?

Such a large pool of gadgets to choose from in the year to come makes it difficult for one to wrap their head around the incessant rain of devices. Many devices are in the foray for the upcoming year but before they make landfall, are you ready to handle them? 

Before investing in a device that is going to be your companion for the next few years, some metrics must be looked into to make the journey of selecting the perfect smartphone for you easier. Here are some of them that you must be aware of.

  • Price range: One must have a definitive stance on their budget which is the first metric that helps us to choose the right device. How much are you ready to stretch your pocket will help you shortlist a few devices from the wide variety available.
  • Comparative Analysis: A plethora of devices are available in the market creating much confusion. Hence, a comparative analysis of the shortlisted devices is necessary. Don’t worry you won’t have to toil yourself as you can easily find the comparisons over the internet just a click away.
  • Sales and Discounts: Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on their favorite smartphones at discounted rates? Many e-commerce platforms organize heavy sales offering multiple devices at discounted prices, especially during festivities. So, all users better be on the lookout for a better experience.
  • Upgrades and Updates: Many old devices are offered up at surprisingly lower prices primarily because they are soon going to be replaced by their evolved successors. Such devices don’t usually get updates in the operating system in the future hence lagging behind the competition. So it is advisable to avoid such devices and instead wait for their upgraded versions. 
  • Exchanging Old Devices: Old devices can be exchanged at good rates to get prices reduced on the new ones. Using authentic platforms to exchange or sell old devices is a convenient method and a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. 

With so many releases down the line, you must be prepared to embrace the right smartphone suited to your needs. So it’s better to be equipped with the right information in this era where ‘information is the new oil’.

Wrapping It Up

The technical know-how of the smartphone world has become as important as eating food itself in this tech-centric era. Smartphones today have assumed multiple roles: that of our friends with whom we spend our happy moments, our advisors with virtual assistants like Alexa helping us plan our daily activities accordingly,  movie banks, and most importantly our connecting link to the world at large. In such a scenario it is pertinent that you choose your partner with much care and alacrity.

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