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Washing machines are a necessary contemporary convenience; they are not flashy, but they are quite helpful. In fact, you may not realize how important a washing machine is until it breaks down unexpectedly. Washing machines are sturdy and hardy devices, but they, like all other pieces of technology, are not without flaws. Thankfully, with this handy guide, you’ll know precisely what to look out for and may be able to resolve any difficulties before they become more serious. So, without further ado, here are ten typical washing machine issues to be aware of!

  1. It Isn’t Going to Drain

A washing machine that won’t drain is a common problem, but it’s also a simple cure. Because a clogged drain hose is the most common source of this problem, you’ll need to pull your machine out, detach the line, and then empty the water away. It can be a pain to work with, but it’s typically a simple problem to tackle. Check for any obstacles and make sure your filters are clean as well.

  1. It will not Turn On

Don’t panic if your washing machine stops operating all of a sudden; it might be a simple remedy! Check your electrical outlets and fuse; it might be as simple as replacing the fuse or flipping a switch. Another option to consider is allowing your washing machine to cool down; if you’ve used it a lot in a short period of time, it may have overheated.

  1. It can Get Smelly

This may not appear to be a major concern, but a stinky washing machine defeats the purpose of cleaning your clothing and can lead to significant issues such as corrosion in the future. Thankfully, washing machines are mainly caused by cold washes and liquid detergents. These two do not mix well and can result in a build-up of bacteria and filth, so if you are having this problem, adjust your washing practises. Hot washes can help fix this problem, and you should also run a maintenance wash every now and again.

  1. The door will not open

The door of a washing machine is supposed to be quite airtight, so trying to open one that won’t open can seem like trying to unlock a bank vault. Thankfully, resolving the issue may not be too difficult; if there is still water in your washing machine, simply run it through a cycle again to empty it. If there is still water in the machine, it will not open, thus simply starting a new cycle may solve the problem. It is quite essential to keep in mind that you check the filter and drain it as well.

  1. There is no Water

The sight of your washing machine not filling with water is alarming, but it may be a simple problem to resolve. A kinked or obstructed hose is the most typical culprit, so double-check to make sure it’s clear and not damaged in any way.

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