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Microsoft Windows operating system has evolved time and again with the latest updates and new versions however there is always some scope of improvement. Windows 10 operating system has become robust but you may still see a lot of Windows errors popping up. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the system flawless.

An optimized computer can perform as good as new without seeing much of Windows errors but the manual process is tedious and tiring. There are a few automatic methods and Windows tools that can help you attain the best performance without any errors reporting. Here is a compilation of the most common Windows errors and methods to fix them.

Not Enough Disk Space

There are several errors related to not enough disk space, or a system running out of space in Windows 10. Everyday usage may accumulate a lot of clutter and junk files, temporary internet files or applications on your device. You can clean them manually or use some Advanced System Optimizers to automatically clean and declutter the device.

Disk Cleanup: You can use Windows Disk Cleanup Utility to manually clean temporary internet files, Windows residual installation files, downloads and other lists of unwanted items. You can perform this as a weekly activity to clean up additional space from your computer depending on your system usage.

Windows Disk Defragmenter: Windows disk defragmenter is another Windows utility to defragment the fragmented sectors on your hard drive. This process may take a long time to finish. This process may help you regain access to your precious disk space that was fragmented with the usage of system files and temporary files.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps: There are apps that you install for one time use but they reside on your device until you uninstall them. Go to Control Panel and uninstall unwanted apps that you don’t want anymore.

“Advanced System Optimizer can perform all these tasks on a regular basis and ensure you never run out of space due to clutter or junk on your system.”

Performance Issues with Windows

You may encounter various Windows error messages for performance-related issues with Windows. Regular optimization and tuneup can save you from viewing such messages. There are different Windows utilities to optimize and tune up the system to give its best performance.

Disable Unwanted Startup Programs: Whenever you install a program, it automatically adds up in your startup items and loads when you boot your computer. You can right-click on the Task Bar and click on Task Manager to go to the Startup Tab. Select the unwanted App from the Startup list and click on the Disable button. It will improve the boot time of the system.

Enhance Virtual Memory: Virtual memory is the RAM that plays a big role in opening or using your Windows apps. You can always increase the virtual memory even while using the same RAM cards installed in your machine. This will eliminate Windows error messages related to low memory on the system. This will improve the system response time while multitasking.

Driver Update Issues

The next common Windows errors are related to faulty, missing or corrupt drivers of Windows and other devices associated with the computer. It is recommended to turn ON Windows Updates to regularly keep on updating the device driver software and latest release of Microsoft updates and patches. You can also make use of Driver Updater software like Smart Driver Care to automatically fetch, download, and install the latest available device drivers of all peripherals connected to the computer.

Windows Error for Security

You may get a lot of security alerts while downloading or browsing a lot of different websites. Microsoft Windows Defender is one great utility that you can rely upon however you can also make use of one of the greatest security software like Systweak Antivirus to keep you’re the security intact. Regular scans and updates of your security software is extremely important to ensure your device is secured and not downloading any threat.

Blue Screen Error Messages

You may receive the most dangerous Blue Screen Error messages on the Windows computer and there can be various reasons behind the same. The major reasons for Blue Screen Windows errors are corrupt device drivers, defective RAM, insufficient memory or storage space, system service exception errors and other grave reasons.

If you optimize your computer on a regular basis, keep the most recent Windows Updates on time, or maintain sufficient space to run all the programs, your computer will not encounter such serious errors. Driver Updater software is mandatory to automatically install all the updated device drivers on a regular interval.

Summing Up

Maintaining a healthy computer system requires additional care and utilities for smooth functionality. Driver Updater software, best Security software, regular updates, Windows optimization and other care can boost up system performance and keep you away from Windows errors on a regular basis. Keep it optimized and experience the system performance as good as new!

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