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The Top Seven Most Popular Luxury Hotels In Los Angeles For A Businessman

When you are looking for a place to stay on your next business trip to Los Angeles, you have several options at your disposal. You may choose to stay in the city, or you may find a hotel that is outside the city. Because Los Angeles is so big, you can stay at any of these hotels comfortably. Plus, you can bring your business associates to these hotels to impress them.

Continue reading to learn about the seven best hotels to try when you come to the LA area. You are not limited to a small section of downtown LA where all the high rises are located. Your clients, your partners, and your guests may want to see more of the city. Your hotel of choice could be a good reason for everybody to break up their normal routine.

1. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Peninsula rightly bills itself as the best hotel in all of Los Angeles. They have called themselves an oasis. You will forget that you are in Los Angeles if you stay at this hotel, and you will get the very best service from everyone who works there. This hotel is a good place to take a lunch meeting by the pool, or you could have dinner meetings in their beautiful restaurants.

The Peninsula offers you some of the best views of the valley, and you can ask for a private room that will give you the quiet you need. Working in a high-pressure business can be hard on you, but the Peninsula can turn your business trip into a mini vacation.

2. The Beverly Wilshire

The Beverly Wilshire is a household name that some of the biggest names in movies and music have stayed in over the years. When you are reading though MyNewsFit, you may start planning your next trip in your head. As you read about all the amazing places to see in Beverly Hills, you can stay at the Beverly Wilshire.

The Beverly Wilshire gives you direct access to all the best parts of Beverly Hills. Plus, this hotel is filled with history that you cannot invent. Keith Moon once drove a car through the window of the lobby to ask for his room key, and many movie stars have been accused to trashing rooms at this very hotel.

3. The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel is another location that will allow you to live a luxurious lifestyle for a few days while you are in the city. Notice that you have not gone into the center of Los Angeles, but your clients or partners will be happy to come to Beverly Hills to take meetings with you. Once again, you get amazing service, food, and a gorgeous pool. You can have a nice vacation in the hotel when you are not working, and the hotel itself will impress anyone you have come to the city to meet.

4. The Viceroy

The Viceroy is a byword for style, class, and elegance. If you tell one of your new business partners or prospective clients that you are staying at the Viceroy, they will know instantly that you have a level of sophistication they want in a business partner. You may not carry the most impressive briefcase or wear an expensive suit, but the Viceroy will do all the talking for you.

The rooms at this hotel are massive, and there is a rooftop pool that will help you forget you are in a big city. Plus, this is a hotel with quite a lot of history. Elizabeth Taylor once recovered from plastic surgery at this hotel. You could even impress your guests with stories you can tell about the hotel while you are dining at one of their restaurants.

5. Fairmont Miramar

The Fairmont Miramar is a suite and bungalow resort that allows you to rest by the seaside while you are on your next trip. Some of the biggest names in entertainment have stayed here, and you could bring your business partners or clients to the ocean to talk business instead of sitting in a stuffy conference room.

Miramar is also home is a famous Air Force base that might give you some stunning views of fighter jets on maneuvers. You may come here because you want to get some sun, or you may choose the Miramar because it gives your clients a reason to get out of the office for the day.

6. The London West Hollywood Hotel

The London West Hollywood sits in the neighborhood of West Hollywood where many famous shops and restaurants have popped up over the years. Johnathan Antin opened his first salon in this neighborhood, and Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant down the block. This is a wonderful place to bring clients because you can walk the neighborhood and talk at the same time.

Plus, the interior of this hotel was designed by the British owner who wanted to bring a bit of London’s modern scene to LA. The European flair of this hotel makes it a wonderful destination for you and your clients.

7. Hotel Casa Del Mar Santa Monica

The hotel Casa Del Mar has been around since 1926. This hotel remembers the golden age of Hollywood, and it has been made over so that it shines just as brightly as it did when Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall stayed there. If you are coming to this hotel, you will be presented with the most exclusive beach club in the whole city. You can enjoy the beach, take meetings near the pool, and eat the best food in the city. This is a wonderful retreat for you and your clients when you come to town on business.

One Final Note

When you come to Los Angeles for business, you want to find the most luxurious room that will impress your clients. You can stay in Beverly Hills, near the beach, or in a European-style hotel that everyone will love. You can relax while you do business, and your clients will flock to your hotel for a bit of respite.


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