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medium length hairstyles

There are a lot of medium length hairstyles to choose from. Transforming medium length hair into a great hairstyle can be easy and fast. Some women feel that many hairstyles are too high maintenance for them, which is understandable. However, medium length hair can be feathered and left to hang loose. This can help create a carefree look that is easy to maintain. Keep shorter layers around the crown of your head and around your face. Add some product to keep your hair from going wild and you have a great look. Women with long or oval faces will find this hairstyle to help show off the sharp features of their face in a flattering way.

Layered Bob Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Other popular medium length hairstyles include one layer of hair that is layered over a bob. This style requires very little product to keep in place. Plus, it can add a great amount of volume for people with thin hair. You can also get a long disconnected bob with highlights added. This is a look that requires a little bit more upkeep than the other styles mentioned here. However, a long disconnected highlighted bob can be a great look for going out on the town. If you want to accentuate your features, this is the style that will do it.

Other Popular Hairstyles for Women with Medium Length Hair

Many other medium length hairstyles can be accomplished with minimal effort. For example, the center part bob is a style that is easy to manage. You will need to blow dry your hair and add product by scrunching your hair from the bottom to the top. You can lightly comb it back away from your face, but make sure the part still is in the center of your head. This look will be a good one for a day at work or kicking back at home. It is versatile and light, which is part of its appeal. If you are feeling brave, add some light colored highlights to create a light and fun appearance. Women who want to highlight their eyes will find this hairstyle one way to accomplish that.

Fun Updos for Medium Length Hair

 You can always scoop up your hair and wrap it into a light bun. Allow a few strands of hair to fall down and frame your face. A loose bun can be perfect for a day at the office or a day at home. You can curl the strands of hair that fall along your face. A disconnected lob is another one of the many medium length hairstyles that look good on all types of women. This look is good for women of all ages, but can really help older women look years younger. Another hairstyle is to one your medium hair all cut to one length, add highlights, and then add some layers. This is a fun and flirty look that is easy to put into different styles. You are sure to love it.

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