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Several traders these days prefer to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously for many reasons. Some are wary of sharing personal information, while some don’t want to share their private information due to the several cybercrimes that occur these days. And some have the belief that their personal information is no one’s business. Fortunately, there are legit platforms that allow traders to trade anonymously without having to share their ID and personal info. A lot of these platforms are discussed at

Bitconnect reviews several of these trading platforms, and asides from these robots offering traders the opportunity to trade anonymously, they also increase the chances of users trading profitably. All the platforms reviewed by Bitconnect are secure and legit, so traders have nothing to worry about.

Ways To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

There are several ways traders can buy digital currencies anonymously without verification and, at the same time, protect your personal and financial information. Some of these methods include:

P2P Exchanges

P2P platforms are more or less online global markets that connect crypto buyers and sellers. They serve as third parties that connect Bitcoin traders and allow them to trade easily without having to reveal their identity. P2P platforms enable traders to trade digital as well as fiat currencies. The platform also plays referee if either the buyer or seller doesn’t fulfill a part of their deal. But before agreeing to a deal, review the seller’s reviews, and depending on past customers’ testimonials, you can determine whether it is safe to conduct a deal with the seller.

Such platforms only charge a small fee for successful transactions. Since most of these platforms accept various payment methods, traders can withdraw their earnings using any payment method.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are similar to standard ATMs you use for exchanging Bitcoin for cash. Visit the nearest bitcoin ATM to withdraw some money, and you don’t need to share your Bitcoin address before you can exchange bitcoin for cash. They are standalone devices or kiosks connected to the Internet. Users can exchange Bitcoin by scanning QR codes to conduct transactions directly to users’ digital wallets.

The ATM generates a new paper wallet that you can use for future transactions. But if you’re using an ATM, there’s a limit to how much bitcoin you can buy, about $100-200 daily. Also, most bitcoin ATMs charge a fee for every transaction made. While this is an honest option for anyone who wants to buy Bitcoin anonymously, not everyone has a bitcoin ATM near them.

Prepaid debit cards

Another way of trading crypto anonymously is using prepaid debit cards. You can get one at the nearest convenience store or supermarket without providing your identification to credit it. Then you can use this debit card to purchase bitcoin via trading platforms and trade crypto without having to reveal your identity.


Anonymously buying bitcoin can be a bit stressful since many platforms require verification. These platforms verify the user’s information to secure the user’s account and prevent cybercrimes. Fortunately, there are many choices to trade Bitcoin anonymously for one reason or the other. You’re looking for P2P platforms, an internet-connected ATM, or platforms that allow you to trade bitcoin with only your credit card and no form of identification? Bitconnect is the perfect site to find what you’re looking for.

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