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All over the words, all people like to listen to all categories of songs such as romantic songs, emotional songs, funny songs, and sad songs. Interestingly, most people like to watch or download the most viewed sad and heart-touching songs. For this purpose, I will mention some of the most viewed heart-touching songs in Telugu music for you. Besides, to get more emotional songs, you can visit naa songs.

Oke Oka Mata

Oke Oka Mata is still one of the most emotional songs in Telugu music. This song is so heart-touching to the audience. This song still hits the listener’s mind and also reminds the ex-lovers. If you want to enjoy this heart-touching song, please download this song to feel your lovers.

Besides, this song is the most-watched heart-touching song in Telugu people and all over the world.

Adiga Adiga

Adiga Adiga took from the most-watched Telugu movie names NINNU KORI. This movie is so worldwide with the audience for its heart-touching scene. Interestingly, Adiga Adiga viewed more than 19 million, and also this song accepted to the audience who still loves his lovers but did not take her in his life. This heart-touching Shiva Nirvana song music by the Gopi Sundar and directed by the Shiva Nirvana.

When you feel this song, you realized that you still love your ex-lover. I suggest this song is very heart-touching for you if you fall in love in the past. I think you should download this song to feel your lovers.

Nee Prashnalu Neeve

Nee Prashnalu Neeve’s song is the best heart-touching song to the audience for its emotional scene. Due to deliver more emotional scenes, this song became more popular in the listener’s minds. Besides, this song is the most-watched sad song in Telugu music, which can impress the audience’s mind. Nee Prashnalu Neeve song sang by the most genius singer, S P Balasubramaniam. This song music and directed by Mickey J Meyer. I suggest you to listen this song to get more amazing.

Yetu Pone

Do you get hit by your lover – and your lover breaks up with you now you fall in very emotional? If your answer is affirmative, you should listen to Yetu Pone song because it comes with the whole heart-touching scene and reminds the ex-lovers. I think you can feel your lover by listening to this song—this heart-touching song cast by the Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika.

Yetu Pone song took from Dear Comrade movie. Interestingly this song watched 19 million. I request you to download this song to get a heart-touching moment.

Last speech

All over the world, everyone has a personal man. But many times, he/she lost his lover because of many reasons. But people do not forget the lover because he/she loved her/his very much. I think if you listen to this song, your mind will be fresh. So you can download these heart-touching songs and feel your ex-lover.

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