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It is good to have a new G Suite account for the organization, with the customized email ID. But, it does not mean that you have left the past years mails accumulated in an old account like Yahoo etc. Instead, users can move the emails from old account to new G Suite account. Although, importing messages from IMAP servers to Google Apps with the help of inbuilt utility is a time-consuming process and does not guarantee 100 % result. So, to brace you in advance IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool can be the best option. In this technical review, we are going to show all the features of the software that makes this product appropriate for this process.

IMAP Migration to G Suite Software: Product Overview

Technically, IMAP to Google Apps Migration tool provides a way to migrate the email from IMAP Servers to Google Apps account. Moreover, the powerful algorithm of software maintains the metadata property of emails even after the migration process. All in all, the tool is built with robust features which only require to select and rest of the process will be carried out automatically. Now, let’s have a look at all the highlighted features of IMAP to G Suite software that are described below:

  • Complete Migration of IMAP Email to Google Apps

The migrate IMAP account to G Suite software is programmed for successful migration of emails from IMAP server to Google Apps account with an ease. Adding to it, the highly advanced algorithm makes the software capable to migrate public, shared, and personal folder from IMAP to Google Apps account. Just one need to mention the authentic credentials of G Suite or IMAP account in tool and rest of the process takes by software.

  • Migrate IMAP to Gmail with Attachments

This is a versatile feature that helps the users a lot when they have email along with the attachment. Basically, with the help of IMAP to Gmail migration software, one can also transfer attachments associated with the message to G Suite account without any hassle.

  • Import Multiple Items From IMAP Mailboxes

This Migrate IMAP to G Suite application is planned in such a way, that it exports various data items from IMAP mailboxes such as Sent Item, Deleted Item. Junk Folder etc. into G Suite account. Adding to it, users can smoothly move more than one mailbox from IMAP server to Google Apps account without any hindrance.

  • Provide Date Filter Option

This software offers a date-based filter to move only necessary emails from IMAP server to G Suite account. It provides the facility to filter out a specific range of emails from the junk of messages and transfer them into Google Apps account. One can only need to enter a suitable date in From and To box and rest of the task is done by the software itself. With the help of filter, users can undoubtedly migrate necessary emails of specific time without any difficulty from IMAP mailboxes to G Suite.

  • Incremental Approach to Move Emails

The IMAP to Google Apps Migration software is equipped with a versatile feature and the ‘Incremental’ option is one of it. With the help of this feature, if a client moves the emails from IMAP servers, then those data will not be migrated again. So, in the second round, the IMAP to G Suite conversion tool sends new emails from the last migration point. The Incremental approach option saves lots of memory space and unnecessary time wasted while transferring IMAP server to G Suite account.

  • Maintain Folder Structure of IMAP Emails

After the process, the users will receive the exact email in G Suite inbox that was present in IMAP account. The software preserves the email metadata properties such as From, To, CC, BCC throughout the IMAP to Google Apps migration process. Furthermore, the software permits you to create similar labels in Gmail for IMAP folders. As a result, after the migration process, users will receive the data in same G Suite account folder that was created during the mapping process.

Apart from the above-discussed features, the move IMAP mailboxes to G Suite application provides a huge compatibility with various IMAP server supported client such as Gmail, AOL, Verison, Yahoo mail, etc. Moreover, the self-guided user interface of IMAP to G Suite Migrator tool is the beneficial point.

Observational Verdict

In the end, IMAP Server to G Suite Migration tool is the efficient and easy-to-use software that moves emails from IMAP account to Google Apps account. For the money, users will definitely get a pocket-friendly tool that is more effective than any other tool. It offers a secure migration, reliability, advanced features, simple GUI that migrate IMAP to G Suite without any hassle. Undoubtedly, users will never be disappointed with this software.

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