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For your move, you have chosen to hire a professional mover. Know that beyond the simple transport of your furniture there are many services in the move to manage your change of domicile from start to finish. Unfortunately, the proposed moving formulas do not always or only partially correspond to what you are looking for. What does it matter! Indeed, you have of course the possibility of composing or supplementing your moving service according to your needs. To help you, here is the detail of the various most common services that can be provided by your mover and under what conditions. If you have any other specific needs, please let us know in the comments!

Office relocation

To get our services in Dubai please feel free to call us anytime to pack and move you from one place to another place safely. 

Business transfer

The moving professionals are also able to manage your office moving project. Intervening in several aspects such as assistance programs for the transfer of personnel, the restoration of furniture, the transfer of data in a secure manner, the transport of your professional machines and printers, as well as the removal of waste and bulky items, they make sure that the transfer of your business takes place in the best possible conditions. Organize the transfer of furniture, computer stations, equipment, files, and personnel matters – while minimizing time and disruption for your business.

International moving

Have you chosen to expatriate for a few years or an indefinite period, or are you moving to another country for your work? Whatever your situation, there are specialized moving companies to take care of your move abroad. This service requires very specific expertise to coordinate the shipment of your personal effects to your country of destination and to support you in all the administrative procedures required by your host country. The movers facilitate for you all the stages and the execution of your international move by offering you a service adapted to your needs and many moving services.

Individual moving

Depending on the moving formula chosen, the movers simply take care of the transport and delivery of your goods or can manage all aspects of your move. This service for private removals allows a lot of flexibility, in terms of transport optimization for example ( group move or one-way truck ), and the options or the level of particular moving service you want, while guaranteeing service and professional execution. Thanks to their expertise in moving, the transport and loading of your goods are taken care of quickly and in a completely secure manner. You also benefit from movers insurance which covers your personal property.

Supply of materials and packaging

  • Delivery of boxes and packaging: They will be delivered to you several days before your move or to be collected from a depot depending on your mover
  • Supply mattress covers to protect bedding: S I you want to perform all the protection your own moving company can provide plastic bags for you yourself were protecting your bedding (charges may apply on the bill)
  • supply of blankets to protect large furniture: Similarly, your mover can provide you with blankets, however, they will be given to the movers at the end of your move. (Some movers may charge you for the blankets if you want to keep them).
  • Loan of wardrobes to transport clothes on hangers: Your mover can provide you with wardrobes. Their cost will then be included in your quote
  • Parking and administrative procedures
  • Request for a parking permit: It is often necessary to indicate specific information (size of the truck, duration of the movie, etc.). It is then easier for your mover to carry out this process since he has all these elements. Just know that they can be paid, it depends on the municipalities. If so, the moving company will include the cost of the authorization in your quote, or add it to the invoice at the end of the movie.
  • Reservation of parking spaces: If the town halls authorize the parking of trucks, they do not always reserve the spaces. Your mover can then take this step, as long as your place of residence is in his locality!
  • Authorization request for the use of a furniture lift: This request must be made at the same time as the parking authorization request.
  • Realization of customs documents: If you are moving internationally, customs documents will have to be completed. Specialized international movers can take care of these procedures.

Packing and protection of your belongings by movers

  • Protection of large furniture with blankets
  • Bedding protection with mattress covers
  • Disassembly of furniture
  • Reassembling furniture (be careful, movers only reassemble furniture that they themselves have dismantled)
  • Packaging of fragile items (dishes, knick-knacks, mirrors, paintings, etc.)
  • Unpacking fragile items (dishes, knick-knacks, mirrors, paintings, etc.)
  • Packaging of television, hi-fi, sound, computers
  • Unpacking the television, hi-fi, sound, computer
  • Wardrobes for clothes on hangers
  • Packaging of non-fragile items (clothing, books, etc.)
  • Unpacking non-fragile items (clothing, books, etc.)
  • Protection and transport of plants (please note that plants are not insured)

Organization of the move/logistics

  • Loading / Delivery of furniture to several addresses
  • Loading/delivery of furniture in a storage room
  • Storage in storage
  • Truck immobilizer: If you have a delay of a day or two between the move-in date and the move-in date

In case of complex accesses:

  • Use of personal-up brought the biggest rose furniture, up to and including 13 on the floor.
  • Use of personal mounts towed P read small trailer, practice in the case of access problems
  • Using an electric scale Even smaller, limited to 3 or even 4 the floor
  • Passage by strap  To lower a piece of furniture through the window in a building overlooking a courtyard for example
  • Transshipment If a heavy goods vehicle cannot reach your accommodation

Special cases

  • Deposit of bulky items at a recycling center or donations to an association
  • Car transport
  • Transport of a motorbike/scooter
  • Transport of a piano (upright, grand, quarter-grand)
  • Transport of an aquarium (empty!)
  • Home cleaning
  • Use of a crane:  In certain special cases (moving very heavy objects) a crane may be necessary for the smooth running of your move.


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