Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
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The routine day-to-day tasks are getting automated by various software in the companies. But, when it comes to attendance software, organisation tend to still use the bygone ways of card reading for punches or depend on manual time tracking. Both methods increase the chances of time theft and buddy punching.

Implementing a biometric attendance software and realising that your current attendance system isn’t efficient enough will help you in increasing productivity. Hence, in this blog, we give you reasons to get a biometric software alongwith telling you what it must have in it.

  • Stored fingerprints-
    When you plan to invest in a biometric software, make sure it is scalable in terms of fingerprints storage. Even if you are a startup, know that your company will expand gradually and the employees will increase in number too. So, when you are buying a software make sure it can store a sufficient number of fingerprints at least for the coming years.
  • Durability-

It is also important to check the durability of the software. Make sure that it can bear temperature, dirt and dust. Also, try to choose the ones that are scratch proof. 

  • Verification angle-
    Employees are mostly in a hurry and that is opting for a biometric device which picks the fingerprints easily. The ease of use will act as a big reason for the employees to accept the change. So, make sure the sensor is good enough.
  • Access Control-

Make sure the system has the feature to restrict the access at some places in the office. For instance, you can restrict the no. of people entering the data centre by allowing only the IT people’s fingerprints to enter inside. So, look for a system that has the feature of access control.

  • Identification time-
    The time that the biometric attendance software takes to identify the fingerprint and then record the same in the system matters a lot. Employees are in a hurry and anxious to enter the office and leave it soon, so they can get impatient if the device will take time in the process. Everything should happen in a fraction of seconds.
  • Internet Connectivity-
    This feature is a must-have for the attendance management software. The payroll HR system is mostly on-cloud as it is way better than the on-premise one. Without internet connectivity transferring the data collected by biometric will become an issue.
  • USB connectivity-

Though this feature is not highly recommended, it would be a great add-on. It will help you in storing the data externally.

  • Support-

You may face times when you will need support from the biometric vendor. So, try to talk the clients about how the support is. The biometric system may get damaged or you may face some technical issues. This is why we also recommend you to purchase the software from a reputed vendor. Otherwise, you may get yourself into trouble.

Make sure the software has all the aforementioned features in it. Besides, battery backup and payroll system integration are also a must-have.

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