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Mustard Oil for baby Massage:Benefits, Advantage and How to Use


It goes without saying that when selecting a massage oil for your infant, you want nothing but the best for your family. Because it increases blood flow, a massage is essential for infants. Infants especially like the comforting touch of their mother’s gentle hands, and this bonding activity also has additional benefits. 

There are a variety of oils suitable for baby massage, including olive, coconut, almond, mustard, and others. Babies and adults alike can communicate with one another through touch. Multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the importance of a child’s attachment to a parent or caregiver to the development of the brain and the child’s mental wellness. 

We’re all aware of mustard’s benefits and medicinal characteristics, but did you know that mustard oil may also be used to massage your baby? “Your baby’s dry, spotty skin will benefit from a massage with mustard oil, as it will be nourished and repaired while also being protected from the cold.”

But which oil is best for baby massage?

Babies benefit greatly from massages; you may enjoy them as much as your little one. When massaging your baby, it’s essential to choose an appropriate oil. Your baby’s sensitive skin will benefit from the added protection, and moisture massage oils provide. 

But not all fats are created equal, and not all of them are safe for a baby’s skin. The term “natural” should not be used as a proxy for “safe” when determining whether or not an oil is appropriate for use during a baby massage.

Let’s discuss which oils are safest and which ones are better to avoid when massaging your infant. Babies have more delicate skin than grownups. 

It is more sensitive and may have a higher absorption rate for Trusted Source topical treatments. If you want to bond with your baby while protecting its skin, a good baby massage oil is a must.

Several considerations, including:

There is a wide range that works for these items.

  • Only included items with a base oil that meets our standards for safety, which depends on the type of oil.
  • Selected products whose contents were prepared responsibly, contained no unnecessary additives and came from reputable suppliers. Products without phthalates, parabens, and other potentially dangerous additives were prioritized for inclusion in our final selections.
  • Products suggested by dermatologists or other safety groups were taken into consideration.
  • Easily accessible and readily available products were prioritized for inclusion.
  • Criteria screening: All items on our list have been screened to guarantee they meet Healthline’s stringent requirements for reliable brands and consumer safety.

Benefits of uses  mustard oil for baby massage:

1.Intensifies Blood Flow

Your baby’s health and blood circulation will significantly benefit from the use of mustard oil. Babies benefit greatly from regular mustard oil massages.

2.Heat Retention.

Oil made from mustard seeds is excellent in insulating the body and keeping heat inside. Mustard oil is widely used in colder climates because it helps keep infant’s toasty.

3.Great Decongestant

Babies can benefit from mustard oil’s decongestant properties. Babies can be somewhat protected from catching a cold or cough if a mixture of warm mustard oil and a few crushed garlic pods is rubbed into their chest. It’s also possible to achieve the same result by including some basil leaves.

4.Beneficial in Skin Infections

Massaging your baby with mustard oil, which has anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities, can help prevent skin infections in infants. 

Infants are more susceptible to skin infections because of their delicate skin, but a regular mustard oil massage can keep their skin healthy and free of irritation.

5.Promotes Hair Growth

The use of mustard oil on your infant can significantly stimulate hair development. Since infants have very little scalp hair, to begin with, massaging their heads with mustard oil regularly promotes healthy hair growth.

6.Effective as a Mosquito and Insect Repellent 

Insects and mosquitoes seriously threaten infants, especially during the warmer months and after heavy rains. Due to its solid and unpleasant fragrance, massaging your baby with mustard oil may help keep insects and mosquitoes away.

7.Powerful Fungicidal Actions

Babies are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of fungal infections. Mustard oil massages help keep infants from developing fungal infections. The advantages above of massaging your infant with mustard oil are only the tip of the iceberg. Mustard oil may not be suitable for all babies, so it’s best to check with your pediatrician before starting a massage routine.


  • Affordable
  • Calming, organic fragrance
  • Baby-friendly oils like apricot and grapeseed are safe to use on sensitive skin.
  • Encouragement from parents
  • Simple to locate


  • Some guardians thought the fragrance was overpowering
  • Changing oil to a glass bottle is a popular choice among parents.
  • It’s possible that your infant could become slippery if you utilize (true of any oil)

Baby massage guide with Mustard oil:

How to massage and when to massage:

Babies and newborns have been given massages with mustard oil for generations. You can use mustard oil for its incredible medicinal benefits for your infant. Rub oil in your palms, bring them up to your baby’s ears, and ask, “Can I give you a massage?” 


Your child will soon associate this with massages. They can also express that if your infant isn’t in the mood for a massage. It’s lovely to use various massage techniques on your child’s entire body. Here are some basic strokes for the lower body to get you started.

Mustard oil can be used to do a soothing massage on your infant:

  • Hold one of your baby’s legs lightly between your palms after ” asking permission.”
  • Hold your baby’s ankle firmly with one hand. Put one hand on top of your kid’s thigh, then use the other to work its way down toward the ankle.
  • Switch roles and do it again. It would help if you always were sure to keep your child’s ankle supported and use long, calm strokes.
  • Cradle your child’s foot in your hands, starting at the heel and working your way to the toes; stroke the sole with your thumbs. 
  • While holding your child’s foot, move your thumbs from side to side across the middle third of the foot as if you were a little caterpillar crawling on a leaf.
  • While singing “Round and round the lawn like a teddy bear,” do circles on their palms. Pull with your fingers and thumbs like before.
  • In the end, switch directions and stroke backward, this time from the lower leg toward the upper thigh.
  • Feel free to give each stroke multiple tries, constantly reacting to your child’s expressed preferences.

Which Mustard oil is best for Baby Massage?

You must use the correct baby massage oil. Think about your baby’s skin when making this choice. The most popular oil for baby massage (which is grandma’s choice too) is mustard oil, such as “Limmunoil” Best Cold pressed oil supplier and manufacturer in India and is hugely popular. In recent decades, mustard oil has been supplanted with olive oil, branded baby oil, coconut oil, etc., among many others.


When it comes to your baby’s health, mustard oil is one of the safest options. Babies are vulnerable, and you would never intentionally harm your child. Despite the many benefits, you should talk to your doctor before massaging your baby with mustard oil.

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