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Aged Care Australia

Aged care services in Australia are handled through a government organization called My Aged Care. If you are looking to start receiving government-funded aged care services in Australia, then My Aged Care is the first place to go to, it is the entry point to the age care system in Australia. My Aged Care is responsible for all aged care services registrations and assessments. It has the main role in assisting senior Australians to register and create an account with aged care as well as determine older Australians Aged Care eligibility and amount of funds they need. The main categories of Aged Care funds are the Home Care packages and the residential Aged Care packages.


1. Home care packages

Are the funds provided by the Australian Government to support older Australian while living in their homes as long as feasible. Depends on the type of home care packages older people receive, they can receive various services includes, including personal care, nursing services, cleaning, home maintenance, transport, social support services. The aim is to provide safety and independence as well as staying connected to the community and maintain a social life.


2. Residential Aged Care Homes or nursing home facility

These funds are for older Australians who are unable to live at home due to their need for ongoing assistance and support in daily tasks or due to their health and the need for ongoing health care. There are many providers, so it is important to choose the provider that meets all your support needs including the provision of services to support your health, safety, social life, and wellbeing. Services provided must include personal care, living arrangements, and assistance in daily tasks.


3. Short-term care

This type delivers care and support for a specific period of time. The care provided for this type can vary depends on the older person’s specific need and length of the support, it is basically aiming to help older people with everyday tasks until they restore their independence or sustain it.


Who Is Eligible For My Aged Care?

Persons who are 65+ (or 50+ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), may be entitled to government-funded Aged Care services.

Persons who meet the above Anyone who meets the above conditions are eligible to start the registration so they can be assessed via My Aged Care, it is worth mention that even if a person meets the above criteria that will not guarantee their approval for receiving the does for government funding.


My Aged Care assessment

After the registration process with My Aged Care often people are referred for an assessment, at this point My Aged Care will arrange the assessment with one of their assessment team staff (ACAT). The assessor will visit older people at the comfort of their home and interview with you to determine the level of support funds you require.

To find more information or to locate a provider, you can visit the My Aged Care Australia website, also you can find contact details for any question.

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