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Narrow Your Search For Great Running Shorts Online

If you are looking to start running or to get back into running, one of the first things you will realize is that clothing technology has changed greatly. In the past, most folks wore some lightweight gym shorts and went for it.

While this “use what you have got” principle works, there is a reason clothing technology is advancing. If you find the right clothes, your run will be more comfortable, which will make you more likely to run consistently, so you can actually get the benefit of running.

  1. You have decided to go for it with some modern well-made running gear. You have gone to the running specialty shop and tried on what felt like 100 different pairs of running shoes to find the pair that perfectly fits your feet and running style. 

You have looked at a million pairs of shorts in the department store. The problem? Most of those shorts feel and look pretty similar, especially once you start to get shopping fatigue. 

The Internet is Your Friend

Obviously, you don’t hate the internet. You are reading this article on it right now, so you know that the internet can help you solve a conundrum, like which running shorts to buy. 

While all those running shorts seem similar in person, there are definitely differences between them. Using the internet as a research assistant can help you figure out the features and benefits of all the different varieties of shorts have.

When you begin your research, there are a few factors to be aware of that will help you decide on the right shorts.


Most synthetic fabrics look and feel pretty similar in the store, but they can perform differently in practice. You will want materials that wick moisture away from your body to help regulate your body temperature and avoid chafing. Nothing will make you end a run faster than chafing between your legs.

While researching materials, you should also look at sourcing for the material. Many synthetics are made from fossil fuels. If you are concerned about the environment, you may choose to seek out shorts made from recycled or partially recycled materials.


Social experiment: compliment a woman on her dress. If it has pockets, the first thing she will do 95 percent of the time is saying “thanks, it has pockets!”

The excitement over pockets is something that is hard to grasp if you don’t typically wear dresses, but the lack of functional pockets on most running shorts can give you an idea. It isn’t that running shorts don’t have pockets. Many of them do.

The issue with running short pockets is that lightweight material with a loose pocket is not good for holding much while running over uneven terrain. Putting your wallet, phone, and keys in the pocket of many running shorts and taking a run is a great way to get extra exercise because you will be retracing your steps to find the items that fell out of your pocket.

There are running shorts with hidden internal pockets for cell phones, or zippered side pockets for loose items. The internet can be a great source for finding out which styles you want to choose.

Internet Purchases 

At this point, you can see the benefit of researching shorts online. Why not go ahead and make the purchase while you are at it? Online buying helps you skip the crowds in stores, something that is especially helpful in a pandemic. You can often save money by purchasing directly from the manufacturer as well.

In summary, you can find great running shorts online. All you need to do is invest a little time into researching what you need, and you will be running in your new shorts in a few days!

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