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Natural Remedies for Inflammation

Is pain part of your lifestyle? Just that old pain in the back again, the consistent hum of a headache, tech neck striking during the mid-point of a workday. Many achievers accept pain as part of the hustle and grind, a natural by-product of hard work and effort. It’s not. It’s inflammation. You can turn to quick solutions, like fast-acting over the counter pain relievers, but they aren’t the best natural anti-inflammatory. You don’t need to push or band-aid the pain anymore. Eliminate it- naturally.You can check Foods That Cause Inflammation.


CBD has become a buzzword- and for good reason. It’s sold as a miracle tonic and in many cases… it is. CBD is derived from Cannabis but it is void of THC (the stuff that you probably think of when you hear “Cannabis”) which makes it non-psychoactive. It’s ideal for both chronic and acute inflammation because it’s typically produced for consumption as an oil- meaning you can tailor your dosage to what is needed that day. Inflammation can be reduced almost immediately after consumption or application (in about 15 – 45 minutes). 


Sometimes our diets don’t introduce enough vitamins and minerals to keep us feeling fresh and ready to bounce back after a long day. Taking supplements every day helps increase nutrition in the body’s reservoir. Fish Oil, Turmeric, and Spirulina are just a few to name. Always be sure to purchase your supplements from a reputable supplier- you want to be sure that the ingredients you’re consuming are of full strength and quality. You can take multiple supplements or discover engineered hybrids that offer specific relief for your ailments. 


Fresh juice, comprised of antioxidant-packed fruits and vegetables, can be an excellent elixir in your daily routine. Many companies understand the demand for fresh juices and they can be easily found in the stores- or make it yourself. Fruits like apples, lemons, pineapples, and oranges make for great additions. Pair with vegetables like carrot, celery, and cucumber. And don’t forget about ginger, which is packed with anti-inflammatory goodness. 


Our systems are thrust into a go, go, go world and it would seriously benefit from slowing down. Take anywhere from five to twenty minutes in the morning, afternoon, evening, or whenever you can find stillness. By slowing down the body and mind we become more attuned to what feels good and what doesn’t feel great. Meditation has shown to decrease stress and increase our awareness- so we’re available to make decisions that align with our authenticity. What we need and what we don’t need. 


If exercise isn’t already part of your routine now is the time to add it. We all know that we’re supposed to get our steps in but sometimes our busy lifestyles keep us from lacing up the shoes and getting active. Fortunately, even a low-impact 20-minute walk does great things for the body and mind. A workout engages the nervous system and empowers the heart rate, boosting cellular response within the immune system (which is what inflammation is built to protect.) Exercise also helps to lower stress- and a weaker stress response is excellent for immunity.

Knowledge is Power

Inflammation is the body’s way of getting our attention and is meant to protect us. Once we understand our habits and behaviors we can make a game plan to introduce relief in our lives. Seemingly small modifications can be all that it takes to reduce inflammation and increase the quality of living. Our bodies are built to do incredible things, and with the right tools, it can elevate from human to superhuman. 

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