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The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues globally, and every time they play, all eyes are on the court where the finest basketball players in the world compete. 

NBA appears to have made provisions for a variety of situations, even if some of the regulations appear to be strange, however even besides the weirdness; fans don’t miss the opportunity to purchase Atlanta hawks season tickets or any other NBA event tickets and enjoy.

Have you heard of these rules? Let’s check that out!

Obligatory rest

NBA players have a rigorous regimen (82 games per season plus playoffs). This is a physically demanding activity for anyone. As a result, the NBA has made it a requirement for teams to provide their players with 18 days of rest per season. This guideline places a greater emphasis on training in order to protect the athletes’ physical integrity.

The visiting team chooses its basket

In the NBA, things operate differently than they do in football or soccer. After determining which side of the court they will attack first, the visiting team begins its offensive phase. They frequently choose the side opposite their team’s bench for the coaches to keep their squad tight during the game’s final minutes.

It is one of the more weird regulations, especially when you consider that a dodge ball in other sports defines it.

10-second violation

Even though it is not a particularly unique regulation, it is quite uncommon nowadays. An infraction occurs when a player takes more than 10 seconds to complete a free throw.

This implies that the remaining shot(s) and possession will be forfeited to the opposing side.

This rule was applied to Dwight Howard on Christmas Day 2010, and he was fined. The NBA’s strange rules are notable for their rarity.

What happens if your team is left with only four players?

While it is infrequent for this to occur, there have been instances in which this rule has been applied. Whenever a team’s players accrue more than five fouls, and there are only four players available, the player who committed the fouls must remain on the court until the game is completed. 

This sounds excellent, but every foul committed by the team will be recorded as a technical foul, and the opposing team will be forced to take a free throw in order to win.

Technical foul in case of board breakage

Many times in the history of the NBA, players have been so physically dominant that they have ended up shattering the backboards of games while competing. Shaquille O’Neal has been the player with the most significant number of such incidents documented.

The basket would not be considered valid, and a technical foul would be called, even though NBA backboards have been reinforced and made more difficult to shatter in recent years.

No hitting

Although it may seem obvious that hitting the players is prohibited, this regulation also applies to the ball in some cases. This is because there is no way to predict where the ball will end up, and it might be dangerous for the spectators to watch. 

Any player who intentionally strikes the ball will be automatically disqualified from the game for that team.

Banned items in the NBA

Many goods have been prohibited by the NBA for usage by its players and fans, even if they are utilized improperly in the process. Among the things presently banned by the NBA are the following:

Black masks

LeBron James established his name using a black mask that served to protect his nose, but the NBA decided to prohibit the practice. It appears that only Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving were able to get their hands on a pair of these as well as everyone else.

External logos 

In terms of external branding, NBA players are only permitted to wear logos associated with their sponsored brand and the league itself. Tennis shoes are the only exception to this rule. Several incidents, like Iman Shumpert’s Adidas logo haircut and Lonzo Ball and J.R. Smith’s promotional tattoos, prompted the establishment of this restriction.


During NBA warm-ups and games, players are not permitted to wear headphones. Players such as Kevin Durant, on the other hand, have been spotted warming up with headphones on a number of occasions.

Anti-LeBron propaganda

When LeBron decided to leave Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat, there were a lot of furious fans in Cleveland who were upset with the decision. The NBA implemented a regulation to prevent crude anti-LeBron James propaganda on the day of his homecoming to Cleveland in order to maintain a positive image, but the ban backfired.

Timberland boots

In addition to wearing Timberland boots, former NBA commissioner David Stern established a variety of dress code requirements that players must follow while in the arena. Timberland boots are prohibited from being worn inside gyms, while the cause for the prohibition is not known.

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