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You’re looking for something to make your day go by quicker, right? Well, get yourself a massage from Good Hands Massage! We offer fresh towels and gourmet tea. Our service menu includes various types of massages like foot reflexology or deep tissue that will have you feeling relaxed in no time at all especially if we provide it on the house.


What do I want after spending hours working away every single week? A peaceful mind without any stress weighing down upon me, as well as an energized body thanks to some needed self-care.

Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology

The reflexology foot massage that you’ll want to show up for is the one where our talented and experienced therapists actually deliver. Unfortunately, in Citrus Heights it has been difficult to find dependable Asian Reflexology treatments until now thanks to Good Hands Massage who provides high-quality massages while respecting your feet by returning them back into their natural state of wellbeing!

You deserve to feel the best you can be, and that starts with a good foot massage. Come by Good Hands Massage soon for your next relaxation session! We provide Citrus Heights’ most authentic reflexology techniques in order to give our customers relief from tension headaches or other muscle aches caused by stress – all without worrying about anything else on their minds at any point during treatment time.

Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage

When you’re looking for an affordable Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage, check out our service menu at Good Hands Massage. The deeply relaxing strokes of this type of bodywork result in immediate relief from built-up tension and the pain it causes! We strive to provide customers with a great experience while they indulge themselves through relaxation that lasts long after their session ends by offering them low prices along with high-quality techniques that are designed specifically to meet all your needs so we can ensure maximum discomfort reduction during each visit here on out (and undertreatment).

When you’re looking for a Citrus Heights massage parlor with deep tissue service, look no further than Good Hands Massage. We have helped numerous clients get rid of pain and stress thanks to our availability! After your session at one of many available sessions times throughout the day or week (limited by Swedish!), enjoy relaxing tea in addition to free fresh towels/robes provided by us – refresh yourself today!.

It may seem hard obtaining an appointment as some massages are already booked up weeks ahead; however, there is always room if needed due to time slots opening up soon so keep checking back before it’s too late.

Citrus Heights Full Body Massage

Citrus Heights is known for its citrus trees and we offer a full-body massage that will leave your muscles feeling relaxed. Our goal at Good Hands Massage Parlor in Citrus Heights, California ( Sacramento area) has always been to provide the most comprehensive service with affordable prices – all while making sure you have an enjoyable time!

Good Hands Massage is the best place to go if you’re looking for full-body massages in Citrus Heights. Our professional masseuses are experienced at providing quality service that will leave your muscles feeling refreshed and relaxed after every session, no matter how difficult the problem may seem! Not only do they have years of experience working on people just like yourself, but our skilled staff members all hold licenses from their respective states as well which proves they know what needs to be done when it comes down to straight talk about some tough topics like relaxation techniques or stress-relief measures.


If you need a Citrus Heights Full Body Massage that fits your budget and schedule, there is no better place than Good Hands Massage. Our affordable rates make us the best choice for people looking to escape from reality or just get some relaxation time after they’ve finished working all day long! So call today if this sounds like something up your alley – we’d be happy to help out any way possible with whatever it is needs doing as well.

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