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What do you know about liposuction? We can agree that the cosmetic industry has significantly grown and improved, with more individuals taking part in various procedures. It is a good thing because it gives you a second chance in making things right by allowing you to live the life you want in the body you feel proud of. Liposuction in Shreveport is among the highly sought-after procedures to improve body appearance. Do not be left behind; here is everything you need to know about liposuction.

What is liposuction?

Weight loss procedures may help you achieve a healthy weight, but most of them do not get rid of the excess fat bulges on various body parts. Liposuction allows you to eliminate the fat in no time.

The procedure is highly advanced, guaranteeing safety and success, among other benefits. Unlike before, when it was only applied to the body, you can also have liposuction on your face to enhance a slimmer and younger complexion. Your provider performs facial liposuction by targeting small areas with fat on your face.

Facial liposuction at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery involves Dr. Sander modeling your face shapes, such as removing excess fat on your lower face part to give you a slimmer neck and an enhanced jawline.

Why you might want to consider facial liposuction?

It’s natural to have a fat layer under your skin. During your younger days, the fat has an even distribution around your face, which gives a firm and healthy skin appearance.

However, as you get older, the fat disperses, causing your skin to loosen. In addition, the fat may move to a different position or move down. The result may cause an empty appearance around the eyes and unwanted fat settling in the bottom part of your face.

Liposuction also helps eliminate excess fat caused by weight gain. However, it is important to use healthy weight loss plans, including diets and exercise, first before going for liposuction. The procedure is ideal for removing the excess fat left after weight loss.

What to expect during a liposuction procedure?

The treatment begins with your provider taking you through the available types of anesthesia. He may recommend tumescent anesthesia that allows easier fat removal.

Tumescent anesthesia is a solution with pain medications and epinephrine. It enhances numbing and reduces bleeding. Besides, it causes the fat cells to swell and harden, making them easier to eliminate.

Your provider makes an incision and inserts a narrow tube through your skin to the place with fat. He moves the tube around as the suction pulls out the fat cells.

Liposuction for the face and neck takes around 30 to 60 minutes or longer, depending on the amount of fat removed.

Dr. Sander recommends wearing compression for some time following your procedure. You can expect to notice results within a week, while the full recovery occurs after 3-4 weeks. Any discomfort or bruising is possible but goes away after a short while.

Aging remains to be the primary factor responsible for body changes. The fact is you do not have to live with the effects if you are not ready. When it comes to unwanted fat, it’s no different. Luckily, with advanced plastic surgery techniques, such as liposuction, you can eliminate excess fat cells in any part of your body, including the face. Contact Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

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