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Hashtags are powerful and can skyrocket the business to real success. They help you to reach a wider audience but if you use them randomly with no strategy in mind – then it becomes totally worthless and inefficient. Instagram post with hashtags has more engagement than a post with no hashtags.

Do you know Instagram has changed the rules for hashtags in 2019? The Instagram marketing strategies that were effective a year back may not work for you in the new year. The rules for hashtags have been significantly evolved and a business must adapt to those changes to foster the growth. Our in-depth guide will help you to find out all the new ways to use hashtags and how it can play a role in the growth of your brand this year.

Importance of hashtags:

Hashtags act like an Instagram sorting process. As per the statistics over 95 million photos are daily posted, and with so much content, it is difficult to deliver the content to the target audience. Hashtags help you in getting your post discovered to the people who are interested to reach you out. Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram marketing strategy since they help them to target their audience or help the target audience to find you. These users can increase engagement because they are the one who is more interesting in seeing your posts.

ALWAYS use relevant hashtags:

Instagram has followed an exciting feature according to which, people who will be more interested in your hashtags can have your content in their feeds rather the user search for a specific hashtag and keep scrolling to land on your content. Instagram always update the algorithm to favor use the relevant hashtags. By keeping that fact in mind, people in Instagram can mark your hashtag to inform Instagram that they are not interested in seeing such content in the future on their feeds. It helps Instagram to show the user content they enjoy more.

Having marked so many posts in this manner can adversely affect your profile and content. Therefore, one needs to be attentive and put serious consideration in choosing the meaningful and relevant hashtags for their business otherwise they have to bear the consequences.

Avoid Spammy behavior:

It is not the best practice to repeatedly use similar hashtags in your every post. You need to be reversed and use the hashtag as per the topic or nature of the post. Because using similar hashtags make your profile or post look spammy.

The best approach is definitely to switch up your hashtag in every post and also avoid using the gimmicky hashtags that have been previously used for more than one million. Believe us, it won’t help you achieve the desired result, you just can end up having some likes or comment.

The best practice is to employ the ultra-niche community tags that are relevant to the content of your post. Moreover, it is best to use the branded hashtags and also convince your following to use the same, but in the first place make sure you are using them whenever it makes sense.

For example, if you have a ladies clothing brand and your target audience is ladies then you can use the hashtags like #fashionblend #ladiescloth as well as some branded hashtags that create the viable distinction. However, it is best to hire social media marketers who have expertise in the field and can help you in the generation of quality hashtags or use other tactics to increase the engagement and sometimes encourage you to buy Instagram followers like to thrive you online.

Use hashtag-suggestion-tools to find the best hashtags for business:

Still finding difficulty in finding out the niche specific keywords then consider hashtag suggestion tools that assist you in getting the industry-specific keywords. For example, if you are posting a photo of beautiful bedroom bedsheets with the motive to sell linen, then put a relevant hashtag like #livesimply and you would immediately get the similar hashtags sorted by the relevancy. After generating the keyword, add those which suits best with the content of the post. Simply click the desired hashtag and it will automatically be added to your post.

Use at least thirty hashtags in each post:

The right amount of hashtag is the issue that has often been raged on by marketers. They have conflicting opinions. If you are wondering what should be the ideal amount of hashtags, then we recommend you to use thirty hashtags in each post.

Wrapping up:

Hashtags are vital to foster business growth. Although one needs to be creative in finding out the most appropriate hashtags, irrelevant tags end up giving you some likes or comments but the right hashtags are what that can skyrocket the sale because you will get yourself discovered by people who are most interesting in seeing your content.



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