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What the Game Tells You

New World is such a grind, especially the leveling part. The majority of players who have been playing most of the days since the release are still around level 40. Besides, there are some big mistakes to be made that can really slow down your progress. Today, we’re going to talk about the New World fastest way to level your character. New World has basically 3 sidequests in the entire game:

  1. Kill X monsters
  2. Loot all chests in the compound
  3. Gather X resources

What matters is which side quests grant you the highest amount of XP. Most XP comes from the main story quests. They often offer you x2 or even x3 the amount of the sidequests and even x4 times of the faction missions or a town project. So, every sidequest should only be considered if they are near the main quest. So, the gist of it – following the main quest line is the priority. And while you’re on it, running towards your next story objective, you can pick up sidequests with objectives that are near the main story quest objective. That part is important. You can make up routes connecting sidequest objectives with the main quest and looping them back to towns for maximum XP gain. Moreover, you should never try and kill the mobs that are higher level than you – as this is a major waste of time.

In proper leveling methods, it is always about the XP gained versus the time spent. The more XP you can get in less of a period of time, the better. These methods are sought after in other MMORPG games too. In some of them, these methods were perfected long ago. Usually, the older the game is, the better guides for leveling it would have. In the case of New World, however, it is a new game, and there’s still a lot to discover in terms of effective leveling methods.

The study, Experiment, Fail, Repeat. Isn’t There Another Way?

There are certain aspects of the game that can help players gain more XP than they usually do. It’s just not everyone knows or realizes what they are. One of such things is the rested XP boost. All you need to do is simply log off from the game, leaving your character within the limits of a settlement. When you log back in, you’ll see the new bar under the stamina bar for the rested XP. As long as you fill this bar up, you’re going to be getting x2 XP for everything, which is an insane rate by the New World standards.

The other thing is the reward for increasing the territory standing. Among several rewards you’ll be offered, one of them will be the XP increase for that region you just upgraded. So, actually staying in the same region can be beneficial in this way. There are all these others that regular players probably don’t know about. And yet, to go from the first level to the max as fast as possible, you have to apply all of these little quirks and, don’t forget, play every day. Otherwise, why else would you plan your questing routes looping around so that even when you’re making a run back to return the quests, you’re still leveling? Doesn’t it all sound pretty hardcore? Well, if you don’t want to spend insane amounts of time doing the same three quests while also constantly planning and scheming to squeeze out every drop of XP from everything, then you should really try the New World Boost from LFC. Just don’t spend any extra time on the game, and stop doing all the meaningless stuff that doesn’t matter and isn’t fun. That’s what this service can help you with. Think about it!

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