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New York Alcohol-Related Fatalities

New York normally takes traffic safety very seriously. This is particularly true when it comes to every impaired driver. The New York Highway Program focuses on reducing the number of alcohol-related fatalities and injuries.

According to a certain report, New York is one of the states with the lowest alcohol-impaired fatality rate. Through the program, all the fines collected from offenders are returned to counties where the violations happen so as to support programs and enforcement at the local level. To help you understand the alcohol-related fatalities in New York, narrow down to the following details:

  • Stories and Statistics

Statistics show that drunk driving problems remain a serious issue, which can potentially touch anyone. The recent statistics show that there were around 11,312 traffic accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers. This equates to around 27 drunk driving deaths every day.

  • Drunk Driving and Insurance Rates

The drunk driving laws have changed a lot over the years, and New York has taken the step to add their specifications, in addition to the federal traffic laws. An impairment offense could be classified as a misdemeanor or felony, resulting in jail time, fines, and a driver’s license loss.

Although repeat offenders usually face permanent license revocation and jail time, first-timers are ordered to pay around $11,000 in legal fees and fines, while facing a license suspension.

  • Sober Celebrations

Holidays are meant to be a time to relax and celebrate. However, holidays might turn into a nightmare with the Americans’ tendency to bring alcohol and drugs into the mix.

Drinking while drunk kills thousands of individuals every year, and this rate increases dramatically during celebrations. Compared to the normal days, accidents involving alcohol are five times more during holidays.

With one drink being enough to impair your ability to drive safely, calling a taxi, using ride-hailing services, or grabbing a ride with a family/friend is the best option.

  • Gender and Age – Comparison

Statistics show that men are more likely to be involved in serious impaired driving accidents than women. Plus, men between the age of 21 and 50 years old are prone to these accidents, making up 335 or 60% of serious accidents.

You should also note that 5% of every serious car accident involves young people. These people are not even old enough to take alcohol, but they lose their lives to car accidents.

  • Finding Alcohol-Impaired Driving Problems

Regardless of significant reductions in alcohol-related accidents in the last three decades, progress stalled as accidents increased.

Although two dozen administrative solutions and laws have already been identified, many organizations focus on laws that are effective at minimizing accidents associated with alcohol-impaired driving.

A powerful tool to prevent these accidents is to discourage impaired driving that needs strong enforcement and laws. Apart from this tool, others tools you can use include ignition interlocks and avoiding repeat offenses.

In Conclusion!

Since 1910, New York has had drunk driving laws, yet it still struggles against car-related fatalities and injuries.

Fortunately, both DWI attorneys in New York and law enforcement work together to keep highways and roads safe to prevent every driver from turning into a repeat offender.

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