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Make driving at night more comfortable with these night-time driving glasses

Driving at night can be a daunting task especially while on the highway when the pass by car lights blinds you. In fact, night-driving is one of the causes of road accidents which blinding you on the road. One of the ways to deal with this is to have night driving glasses that alleviate light reflections and help prevent strain to the eyes. This ends up giving you better vision while you drive at night.  An optometrist Calgary will be able to help you find the best solution for your night driving needs, but below are a few different considerations that can help you begin your search.

Taking care of your eyes is a different thing but night glasses help to reduce glare and gives better vision while driving. Take a quick look at the following advantages of using night

Benefits of Night Driving Glasses

  • Reducing light glare
    Chances are that streetlights and lights from passing-by vehicles can blind your vision momentarily. Such distractions often lead to accidents. Wearing a night driving glasses will reduce such glare lights allowing you to keep focus on the road.
  • Reduces driving stress
    Getting a nigh driving glasses will enhance your vision drastically and thereby making your drive less stressful. The other lights – be it reflected or direct will hit your eyes with less intensity. This allows you to have more control over the driving and better visibility on the road rather than the distractions.
  • Comfort Vision
    An absence of night glasses can cause great stress on the eyes. It is quite common for drivers to squint and even lean towards the steering for a better view. Often this results in watery eye and required drivers to dry them. With night driving glasses, you can prevent such stains to the eyes and get a clear vision for a smooth ride instead.
  • Avoiding fatigue and headache
    Low light conditions make your eyes more sensitive. And when you are to drive at night, such conditions may worsen the situation requiring you to highly focus on the road. This may even end up resulting in photophobia. It is a peculiar symptom defining the light intolerance leading to dizziness, headaches and vertigo. One way to prevent this situation and symptoms is to ensure wearing night driving glasses.

Types of Night Driving Glasses

  • Clip-on
    If you are already wearing the powered number glasses then putting a night glass above is not a great idea at all. It may even slip off while driving. And for such people, there are night driving glasses that comes with a clip-on form attaching directly to the powered glasses. These strips are either fully magnetic or it rests on the frame’s lip. It enables you to leverage on night glasses without mending your prescription pair.
  • Full-rimmed
    The key feature of full-rimmed glasses are that they remain fully enclosed by the frames. Regardless of the material – rubber, plastic or titanium, these are the ones that easily sits on face. With a plethora of sizes, styles and colours available full-rimmed night driving glasses are heavier than usual ones albeit, not hurting your head while wearing it for long.
  • Rimless
    Women usually prefer such night driving glasses since they are lighter than the ones with the frames. The only body that this style has involves nose bridges, hinges and glasses. Easy to wear and carry around, rimless night driving glasses for women and men offer an ideal solution for those looking for fuss-free driving experience.
  • Semi-rimless
    These are the hybrid night glasses which holds the frame along the tops without wrapping them from bottom. For those looking to carry style with substance for night glasses while driving, pick this one up as they are light compared to the full-rimmed glasses.

Night Driving Glasses Reviews & Suggestions 2019


Staten Island – Night Drive Glasses – Ice Blue

Night Drive Glasses - Staten Island – Ice Blue

Staten Island’s night drive glasses boasts the all-new blue blocker lens that comes with anti-glare HD. Put this one on during a night drive while it matches the best possible tints. Put this one up as a style statement during the daytime and for usability during the night – this one unconventionally stylish, beautifully crafted and aesthetically matched pair of night driving glasses for men and women.

Staten Island – Night Drive Glasses – Orange Monotone

Night Drive Glasses - Staten Island – Orange MonotoneBuilt with comfort in mind, the lenses are light and frames – minimal. The nose pads are rubberized making it an easy all-day-long wear. The metal temples comes in a matte touch with corrosion-free coating. Such a tough metal frame is built to hold up against dings, drops, and dents. Plus, the infused polycarbonate shatterproof lenses are designed for tough and challenging

Joe Bianchi – Night Drive Glasses – Sea BlueNight Drive Glasses – Joe Bianchi – Sea Blue

And there’s another option who want something meaty to wear without appearing to be loud. Go for Visoinwagon’s Joe Bianchi night glasses that works well on both genders. Trendy, broad and extremely lightweight; this pair promises to be love at first sight. The stylish colour combinations along with the cool temples give these sunglasses a distinctive look which ensures this does not look like anything from your current collection.Also, this one comes handy when you are out for cycling or driving a motorcycle. With plenty of colours to choose from, it has all the necessary elements that makes up for a new style statement amongst the peers.

Zynamite – Night Drive Glasses –Pink Gradient

If you are the one who loves lightweight and colour, go for Zyanamite-B/8062. These doesn’t put much pressure on your ears and nose. Night driving with heavier glasses may give headaches due to prolonged wearing. But here’s something that is thin, lightweight, minimal and impact-resistant.

Zynamite – Night Drive Glasses – Silver – Gunmetal

These metal frame glasses come with multiple colour gradient lenses offering best night-drive experience. The wider frame and cheek drop square glasses gives protection against win if you are riding with helmet flaps off. The lens colours are such that it reduces and protect your eyes against direct light, and even from computer screens and mobile phones. Carry it all the time and make a new style statement of your own.

Conclusion :

Pick a style you want and rule the roads at night with these ‘must-have’ night glasses. Keep it as a habit for protecting your eyes while adding a style dash of style quotient where you go.

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