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Upon the legalization of cannabis across all of Canada, several magic mushroom dispensaries have popped up as well. While cannabis is entirely legal to sell, produce, and use recreationally within the borders of Canada, mushrooms are the next “drug” of choice to- hopefully- become fully legalized. Right now, magic mushrooms are legal for research purposes; however, governmental agencies have all but turned a blind eye to shrooms. It is as if they are already a legalized substance, dispensaries and “farms” popping up alongside the cannabis industry. 

Most magic mushrooms vendors distribute microdose capsules filled with psilocybin, whole shrooms, psilocybin infused edibles, magic teas, or some combination of those products. Nupep Shrooms is one such dispensary that offers every experience listed above. They locally source their products, focusing on providing 100% natural, organic quality shrooms. The strength is not too strong but not too weak, perfect for users who want an energetic or creative boost without the mind-altering, psychedelic effects. These shrooms provide a medicinal appeal, offering health benefits such as anxiety reduction, depression reduction, increased focus, improved memory, heightened self-awareness, and stronger levels of creativity.

Nupep Shrooms not only offers magic mushrooms but also provides premium strains of cannabis. They are growing into one of Canada’s loyal suppliers of both cannabis and magic mushrooms. Nupep Shrooms’s products can help users achieve states of bliss, concentration, and vitality by taking regular microdoses or enjoying a smoke session. Similar to mushrooms, cannabis offers health benefits and fantastic effects on the mind. After all, cannabis is used to treat patients suffering from cancer and chronic pain. High-grade strands of cannabis can treat depression, aid with ADD/ADHD, reduce anxiety, slow Alzheimer’s disease, fight tumors, and support appetite. 

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains are sold by Nupep Shrooms. So far, their inventory consists of Blue Coma Hybrid, Death Cookies Indica, Death Star OG Indica, Romulan Indica, and Orange Dream Sativa. To clarify the difference between strains, a Sativa bud will produce feelings of happiness, excitement, energy, and euphoria- also known as a head high. An Indica bud will make the body feel heavy, relaxed, sleepy, and calm- also known as a body high. Your lovely hybrid bud will produce effects that combine a mixture of both.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to purchase both mushrooms and cannabis, Nupep Shrooms has you covered. Not in the mood for whole shrooms? Try a microdose blend instead or sip on their strategically curated psilocybin teas. Remember, always spread out your use of shrooms and cannabis. Only take one substance at a time so your body can fully embrace the specific effects of both healing substances. Sit back and let the psilocybin or THC beautifully transform your overall health and mentality. Check 10bestcam.com for reviews.

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