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Nutrition app


Nutritional value checker apps can survey the number of nutrients in various food items. Nutrition app can make personal meal plans and can calculate the number of nutrients and their other different values like, fat, protein, vitamin A, salt potassium, sodium, fatty acids, vitamin B carbs and many more.

Some Nutrition apps separate  the food items into many other varieties like baby food, fats, and oils, fast food, dairy items, soup, juices, and fruits.

These varieties assist the user to get food associated with the category. Some Nutrition apps launched Desi and traditional food like burgers, sandwiches, pulao karahi, and many more. After choosing the dish one can easily find out the ingredients by checking the value through the Nutrition app.

  • Nutrition Facts by Alireza Sharifi:

This application not only gives you the nutritional value of foods but also provides detailed information on the nutritional value of fruits, dairy products, beverages, grains, Dry fruits, and more. Any one of you can easily make a customized food basket and after that can check the nutritional value of chosen products.

Just a single press can have access to the nutritional value of the product like Energy, Starch, Vitamin c, Sugars, Iron, Calcium, and Trans fat, and others. Preparing a food basket is an ideal option to use the opportunity to know about the customized value of products. Mobile app Development Company completes the process to provide and make it convenient for the users. It also provides the comparison of two different food items by their nutritional value by using Nutrition facts by Alireza sharifi.

  • Nutrition Facts:

This is also free food nutrition app for android and provides you fast results about values of food. Mobile app development services can change the management and process of web development. Approximately, provide nutritional value of more than 8700 products. All products are divided into 27 categories to make it easy for users to get their favorite food.  Some varieties depend on airy and herbs and spices, Fats and oil, and Egg products, baby food.

After choosing a food item, this app displays nutritional value by default for a 100g pack. Users can manually improve the number of selected food products. Protein, Fat, carbs, and calories are the four basic nutrients of any chosen item. Furthermore, you have to press food items and can see the calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin D, fatty acid, and many other nutrients. The product can easily be searched by just providing the exact name on the search bar.

  •         Calories counter & Diet Tracker:

This nutrition app provides free within app purchases and gains best review 4.4 stars from users. It does not matter which kind of diet chart the user is following, this app assists you to create a holistic diet chart and exercise routine all are traced at one place. It allows you to login approximately 3 million food beverages through a database , count calories and nutritional value of food and trace your exercise through a built-in planning.

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